Building Bridges with Students

Students' Mid-Reviews are hosted by Herman Miller

COLLABORATION, CURIOSITY, WAYFINDING, NATURE, DIVERSE POPULATION, & EDWARD KILLINGSWORTH were some of the inspirations for the conceptual design phase. These Cal State Long Beach design students were up all night preparing for their mid-review presentations. They are excited about the opportunity to transform an existing Academic Corridor into an Informal Learning Space for students, faculty and guests. Working in partnership with Herman Miller, Armstrong Philips/Lightolier, Neiman Studio, 3form, and the Associate Vice President David Salazar and Professor Ottolia have given these students a unique charge to design their own space.

A few design teams held interviews with other students and user-groups prior to developing their concepts. Lighting, access to electrical outlets and lack of seating is a problem. Other teams took a research-oriented approach by learning about Architect Edward Killingsworth, the campus history, and observing the existing buildings and landscape design. One team researched the availability of student and faculty art to celebrate in their project. Each of the conceptual design presentations was outstanding in their own way. “The Corridor” will soon become the new hot spot on campus!

This remodel project is slated for construction in Summer 2013. Eight student teams are “short-listed” for the project and the “winning” team will work with David Salazar, Associate Vice President, Physical Planning & Facilities Management and Sam Mori, Interim Director, Design & Construction Services to build the project.

Stay tuned for the final design phase of our project…..

Pamela Neiman, Principal
Neiman Studio
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