Lisa Vien, Assoc. IIDA
VP Professional Development

Lisa has over 7 years of experience focused in commercial interior architecture, industrial design, marketing and branding experience.  Her experience and background working with major corporate clients – Google, Dolby Digital, Honda, and Acura to name a few – across multiple levels and varying scales has made her a well-rounded and diverse resource for design and technology.

Lisa is inspired by life all around her and enjoys exotic travel, the people she meets along the way, great food, and especially ancient historical landmarks.  Her background also includes serving the United States Army National Guard for 8 years.  A deployment during 9/11 stateside and then Operation Iraqi freedom overseas in Baghdad inspired Lisa and gave her an interesting perspective about the contrast of life around the world.

Lisa’s passion for design is in capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.  It’s a creative journey of blending people, places, and experiences that turns an ordinary space into a well-designed and functional environment.

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