AIA California Board of Directors Adopts New AIA CA Position on Interior Design

The AIA CA Board of Directors, at its July meeting in Oakland, voted to change the AIA CA position on the creation of a Practice Act for Interior Design. The new position allows the current and any future AIA CA Board of Directors to establish a position on any legislation creating an ID Practice Act based upon the language in that legislation. The former AIA CA position was a categorical opposition to the creation of an ID Practice Act.

AIA CA began the process of reevaluating its position after AIA National (AIA) and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) changed their longstanding positions in opposition to the establishment of ID Practice Acts. NCARB now has no position regarding an ID Practice Act, and AIA’s position no longer requires state components, such as AIA CA, to oppose the enactment of ID Practice Acts, and instead allows each state component to adopt its own position.

The AIA CA Board of Directors adopted the new position after receiving a report and recommendation from the AIA CA Interior Design Task Force, a body of architects created to study the AIA CA position and to recommend changes, if the Task Force found changes should be considered. The Task Force met several times, including with representatives of the International Interior Design Association Northern and Southern California chapters, and with representatives of the California Council for Interior Design Certification. Additionally, at the request of the Task Force, AIA CA surveyed its Membership on its views of an ID Practice Act, and the appropriate role for AIA CA to have in any discussion with the State Legislature regarding an ID Practice Act.

The Task Force made the following recommendations to the Board of Directors, which accepted and adopted them in whole:

  • Continue to support the existence of the California Council for Interior Design Certification, but without any changes to law that expands the work Certified Interior Designers can perform.
  • AIA CA should have no categorical position for or against the creation of an Interior Design Practice Act.
  • If legislation is introduced to create an Interior Design Practice Act, AIA CA should be a relevant stakeholder in the drafting of the legislative language.
  • Any AIA CA position should be based on the language of the legislation and its protection of consumers, the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the public, any changes to the ability of licensed architects to design interior spaces, and the scope of practice for interior design.

This article originally appeared on the AIA CA website here.

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