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The Project

It’s very rare when an architecture firm has a connection to both the original building and the finished product, but as Roy Huebner of Wolcott Architecture Interiors explained, the construction of a Glendale animation studio allowed him to see a familiar furniture warehouse transform into a cutting edge building. Located next to a busy Metro track, Wolcott was challenged with creating a building that could withstand the vibrations and noise of passing trains. The new space would house a series of recording rooms, offices, gathering spaces to host clients, even an employee gym for those long hours and lunch breaks. The 90,000 sq./ft. space, which houses nearly 500 employees, took 15 months to complete and included the additions of a parking area and site landscaping. This developed into a state of the art building that has quickly become the favorite among the entertainment industry in Burbank.

Finishing Touches

West-facing windows were added to the original windowless façade in order to provide a flood of light while keeping the animating section dim for the digital artists. And while many new components were needed for this project, the beautiful maple wood floor was recycled from the Redondo High School gymnasium.

Teamwork makes the difference

The development of the animation studio was truly a team effort and included a number of outside consultants to tackle the demands for acoustic, lighting, and electrical excellence. The project could not have been completed without a dedicated team and the strong relationships built between the architects, designers, and clients.

Roy explained that the professional attitude and commitment of the team to ‘go above and beyond’ allowed them to accomplish a number of difficult tasks while re-imagining an otherwise forgotten warehouse. One of their ingenious solutions involved the use of GPS to strategically locate all conduit locations in the overhead electrical and mechanical systems housed on the building’s roof – a task that could not have been completed without the expertise of Wolcott’s trusted contractors and consultants.

This excellent work from the team turned a warehouse that originally blended into the background of Burbank into one of the neighborhood’s most eye-catching work environments.

Jaclyn Giuliano, IIDA
Herman Miller

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