Design is Networked

Hexagon, one of Shaw Contract Group’s newest carpet tile products, was recently unveiled at NeoCon in June. The collection’s COLOR palette is thoughtfully planned to FACILITATE any type of connection in VARIOUS ENVIRONMENTS. Neutrals network from warm to cool with pops of bright to form subtle shifts or vibrant groupings. Hexagon will help redefine the workplace, reflecting the cultural shift toward more collaborative environments—influencing the ways we work, walk, communicate and create. This new shape will change the way we move through a space, veering you off the beaten path and encouraging collaborative chemistry.

During the development of this collection, Shaw Contract Group collaborated with some of design’s most respected connectors—designers who network to bring people, minds and causes together. We asked them what they would create with Hexagon and the results were dynamic installations that reflect their idea of design.

One of these beautiful minds is California’s own John Peterson, Founder and President of Public Architecture in San Francisco, whose 1% program has built a national network of design professionals providing $42 million in pro-bono services annually. The program facilitates further social change through its Annual Design Access Summit, born out of necessity for true collaboration between the design and social sectors with the goal of improving social and environmental outcomes. When Peterson shared his Hexagon design with us, it made a statement that was a pure reflection of his passion to bridge the masses. When asked to share his inspiration, Reflecting the multiple layers of Design Access, he said, “My installation is a web of connections.”

How will you network Hexagon throughout a space? If you need some ideas or want to explore the options, visit www.shawcontractgroup.com/designtool/

Holly Carter, Industry IIDA
Shaw Contract Group

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