Design Quest Takes over San Diego!


The San Diego design community celebrated Summer Solstice in style with a Scavenger Hunt style Design Tour through some of downtown San Diego’s best recently completed projects. The inaugural Design Quest was a huge success! Teams were led on an app based hunt that led them to several locations around town where they were met by sponsors and asked to perform fun challenges such as getting a cookie from their forehead to the mouth without using their hands or using their best pick up line on them at a bar. In addition to the location challenges, the app would also shoot random industry trivia at teams for a chance to get extra points. The object of the game was to get to the most locations possible and get the most points in the allotted time for the game. The end result was a fun filled afternoon of belly laughs, silly costumes and a chance to check out some seriously good design. I for one haven’t laughed that much in a long time!

See all the photos here!



Our winning team was Ware Malcomb sponsored by THiNK Office Interiors, the “Bloomerangs”. Second Place was Architectural Concepts who sponsored themselves and Third place was the Ware Malcomb downtown team “Purrfect” sponsored by Arcadia/Encore. Our “Best at Not Winning” last place winners was the Gensler Team “Geepers Creepers” sponsored by Patcraft.


Design Quest was a great team building opportunity as each group had to work together to figure out the clues and complete the challenges. It was also a great way to tour a project with the added fun of playing connect 4 or building a tower using spaghetti or a number of other fun activities. Unlike many of our events, Design Quest required little pre-planning on the part of our design teams and still offered much of the fun and excitement that other events boast.

The app, The Go Game, was easy to use and added a really fun element to the hunt by storing pictures and videos.

The hunt was followed by an after party where the images and videos we took during the hunt were played and we were able to relive our favorite moments and laugh at everyone else’s.

As with every new event, it had it’s glitches, but the overwhelming feedback has been that the event was a huge success and tons of fun! We look forward to the next one!!

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