Design Roundup

With so many outlets for inspiration, it can be hard to chase down everything that is happening in the world. This series is a curated collection of ideas, trends, designs, and cultural happenings that have been swirling in the digital waters.

Here is a collection of interesting things that have recently been swirling around the digital waters:

From the design world

ASID predicts a strong year for Interior Design. In equally shocking news, water is wet.

Valentino’s New York store will let the fashion have all the color.

3D textiles with intricate “nerdy structures.”

Facade of wooden slats brings organic feel to the University of Tokyo.

London shows off the best of 2014  and the best of what’s next

3D printing to make your head feel better about itself

Mental breaks (for when you need to stare at something else for a second)

Beauty is in the eye of the editor

Bey and J


Please feel free to post anything interesting you’ve come across in the comment section!

Stephen is the Creative Director for GlasPro. David Bowie is his hero.

Stephen Sudeth, Associate IIDA

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