Everyone loves a Hero, but no one Forgets a Villain


Queen of Hearts – 1st place team, Hendy


Captain Hook – 2nd Place team, Gensler

On Thursday, July 21st the Orange County Design Industry gathered to celebrate the 16th annual Orange County Haute Couture at the historic Harborside Pavilion, overlooking the Balboa peninsula. 11 Design firms and 3 Student Teams participated in the event. Each team was only allowed to bring in what could fit in their box, and construct their costumes on site. They were given 90 minutes to pull their fabric and complete their look. Teams and guest alike enjoyed the change in format and loved the skits the teams incorporated into the runway presentation.


Maleficent – 3rd place team, Taylor

The event was sold out with almost 400 guest in attendance. Click here to see photos of the event!

Team Hendy took 1st place for their rendition of Queen of Hearts, Team Gensler took 2nd place, and Team Taylor took 3rd place. This year we had a “People’s Choice” where the audience selected the crowd favorite via text message, and that went to Team WestGroup.

Elise Ozawa
Momentum Textiles

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