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“You must truly enjoy what you are doing. Your heart must be in it. Without enthusiasm you can’t work up to your fullest ability. Enthusiasm brushes off upon those with whom you come in contact.”
-John Wooden

It’s that special time of the year again – we’re on the brink of NeoCon. As everyone begins ramping up for it, we are busy behind the scenes working to bring NeoCon to you. Orange County’s NeoConnect 2013 is set for October 10th at the Hangar in Costa Mesa. It’s my 2nd year being the event chair and as we begin the planning process, my favorite John Wooden quote came to mind. Enthusiasm. What a strong wave of emotion. I believe it is enthusiasm that keeps an organization like IIDA moving forward. Year in and year out, these great events are brought to each city center with one driving force: Enthusiasm. As the event chair, I hope you can feel my enthusiasm oozing through this computer screen! We’re looking forward to another great event this year that will showcase all of the enthusiasm, hard work, and of course the phenomenal products. Keep your eye out for continuous updates on the event and know that you are always welcome to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions! Our team is excited and cannot wait to bring our enthusiasm to you.

Grace Kang, Associate IIDA

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