Introducing Your 2014 Haunt Couture Executive Committee

We’re excited to introduce your 2014 IIDA Los Angeles City Center Haunt Couture Executive Committee! This team has committed to the next three strenuous months of hard work, dedication and endless hours to bring to you the event the year! Haunt Couture is the only event where high fashion, architecture and design all come together for a runway showdown…may the fairest of them all WIN!

To help kick off the ‘Haunt Season’ and get to know them a little better, we’ve asked our Executive Committee members to share their favorite thing or memory about Haunt Couture. Check out their responses!

Haunt Couture is the one night that is completely ours to create, build, design and express our creativity without the pressure of pleasing a client. It’s a night to let down our hair, blow off some steam and show off a little in front of our friends and peers. There’s nothing like it anywhere!
– Sean Kim, gkkworks
Co-Chair, Haunt Executive Committee, Event Co-Chair

The year Haunt Couture was held at the Helms Bakery Building I volunteered working the crowd and selling raffle tickets. I was dressed for an elegant cocktail party…but little did my unsuspecting victims know that I had a mean pair of very real looking vampire fangs hidden behind my smile! I made a lot of people jump and gasp and had so much fun doing it! That was the year that Icons of Architecture and Design was the theme and Wirt Design won with the fabulous George Nelson Lamp Dress…..I heard they still have that dress!
– Erica Steenstra, The Walt Disney Company
Haunt Executive Committee, Event Co-Chair

I remember my first year working Haunt LA as a volunteer I was blown away! The excitement and energy was surreal…I remember thinking how incredible of an industry is this? 6 years later it’s still my IIDA favorite. The night we get to have some fun with our industry friends while supporting the Los Angeles design community. We have so much talent in our industry and Haunt is just the perfect vehicle to show it all off!
 Nicole Valdes, Knoll
Haunt Executive Committee, Marketing & PR

My Favorite thing about Haunt Couture is the competition that it breeds…This is a great evening where the industry’s top firms and talents unite showcasing the fusion of fashion, design and architecture.
 Andrea Morgan, Gensler
Haunt Executive Committee, Event Experiences

The combination of couture fashion, great food and drinks, a breathtaking venue, and industry friends makes Haunt Couture my favorite event of the year! It’s amazing to see what people who normally design spaces create for the fashion runway. It’s a night that is talked about and anticipated for the rest of the year.
– Marcy Nelson, Studio by 3form
Haunt Executive Committee, Event Experiences

Having been involved in Haunt Couture for over 10 years, my favorite part is seeing how the event has evolved over the years. We started as a small, night of event to a sophisticated production. The teams have caused the event to take its shape and become what it is today. Just amazing!
– Kelsey Myatt, Mohawk Group
Haunt Executive Committee, Production

Remembering back to the first Haunt Couture at Vitra showroom where we were in the back using tape, staples and even hot glue to actually make the dresses the night of the event… it was so exciting and exhilarating. Also Kevin (Kams partner) shirtless was another highlight of the night.
– Debra Haas, Herman Miller
Haunt Executive Committee, Marketing & PR

Haunt 2014 is going to be spectacular on every level…from the theme to the venue to the amazing committee who will bring it all together! You will not want to miss this amazing industry event. It will go down in the history books, promise!”
– Jolene Kraus, HBF / HBF Textiles
Haunt Executive Committee, Production

Haunt is one of those events where everything just screams glamorous! The theme always gets the teams so pumped and really shows off their creativity outside of architecture and interior design. My first year as a volunteer I had the best time watching all the teams cultivate the different outfits and watching their performances come together. It is truly inspiring to be around such amazing and talented artists!
– Allyson Welch, Systems Source
Haunt Executive Committee, Teams

We’d love to hear from you: What has been your favorite Haunt Couture memory? Leave a comment and spread the word… This year’s Haunt is sure to be Magical!

Calling All Sponsors: Interested in becoming a sponsor this year? Follow the link to find more information on how you or your company can get involved with the year’s biggest event! Sponsors for the 2014 Haunt have some never before done perks! Sign up soon to get the most exposure!

Calling All Design Firms: Interested in competing this year? Follow the link to find more information on how to register your team to show-off your skills and compete in this year’s Haunt Couture! Space is limited.

Nicole Valdes, Industry IIDA

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