Kathleen Selke – 6 Things I Can't Live Without

Photograph by Shani Barel www.shanibarel.com

Kathleen Selke, Ind. IIDA
Architecture & Design Manager, Knoll, Inc.

#1 Reading
I am a voracious reader. The last book I finished, “The Disappearing Spoon” is about the history of the periodic table. It combines adventure, mystery and the fierce competition that lead to the creation of the periodic table, as we know it today. The book, for me, is also a refreshing reminder about what a pivotal role women like Marie Curie played in science and how her many achievements helped establish a nascent paradigm for women to be viewed as credible leaders in whatever they chose to pursue. I am currently reading two books: “The Rest is Noise” which explores Twentieth Century music and “Spark” about the positive impact exercise has on our brains. Also, important to note, is that Calvin and Hobbes have a very special spot on my night stand.

#2 Learning
I am fortunate that Knoll has a robust research program. My position demands that I keep up on the latest thought leadership in multiple subject areas. There are so many ways to learn today whether it be taking free online courses from a prestigious university via Coursera or listening to my favorite NPR programs, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! : NPR or This…..Is Interesting

I am grateful every day for the lovely people I have in my life that inspire, challenge, hold me accountable, keep me grounded, make me belly laugh and, most importantly, introduce me to yummy new restaurants.

#4 Flat Whites
Coffee is reserved as a special treat when I know I am headed into a busy day or if I am feeling depleted from an overwhelming week. There are only a few places in town that can do a Flat White well and my favorite westside spots are: Deus ex Machina, Venice Grind and Cognoscenti Cafe.

#5 Music
I studied dance and also was fortunate to perform with a professional modern dance company for 8 years. As an artist, music has always incited a visceral reaction. I miss the days when the only way to buy music was to purchase the whole album. This forced me to hear the artist’s narrative and how masterfully, or not so masterfully, that story was woven together. My library is a mix of popular and obscure ranging from the newest RAC mix, Lord Huron, Maia Vidal , Grupo Revelação, Kid Cudi to Strauss and Mozart. A friend recently recommended Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas which I have finally made my way through and thoroughly enjoyed.

I find my wanderlust is satisfied by trips to destinations both near and far. There is always something to be learned from travels be it quick weekend trips up or down the coast, our annual camping trip in Yosemite or our upcoming trip to Brazil for the World Cup.

Kathleen Selke is the A&D Manager for Knoll. Kathleen has been in the design industry for more than 10 years as a sales consultant and residential Interior Designer. She received her BA in History of Art and Architecture as well as her BFA in Dance from the University of California Santa Barbara. Kathleen is an active IIDA member most recently serving as the VP of Membership, and prior to this position was Co-Director for the Los Angeles City Center. Outside of the office Kathleen volunteers for Stoked, a group that gets youth involved in action sports to accelerate development and teach life skills.

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