Leaders Breakfast 2014: Last Chance for Early Bird Pricing

IIDA doesn’t have an annual convention. Interior architects, being the restless, inquisitive types they are, would never stay seated long enough to resolve or legislate anything.

What we do have is the annual Calibre Awards, a grand, gleeful party wherein we see and honor the teamwork that goes into the creation of our finest projects (and then wake up with a rueful headache the next morning).

There are the fashion shows in which we improvise and fabricate design originality outside of our day-to-day pursuits. Who knew so many runway idols worked at design firms?

The Speakers Series brings in the best and brightest to share their knowledge and experience, often with CEU credits available. These occur throughout the calendar year.

And then there is Leaders Breakfast. Each year, IIDA selects an honoree who represents a role-model of creativity and professionalism, and who, through the continuing generosity of Herman Miller, receives one of the few remaining original tissue-wrapped Eames splints to display above the mantle. As if that weren’t enough, there is an inspiring speaker who will send us out into the morning light with a renewed motivation to create something astonishing and unique. Who needs a convention?

IIDA has done this year after year, for twenty years, through the voluntary efforts of its 13,000 worldwide members in partnership with our wonderful sponsors and industry colleagues. Nine cities across the U.S. and Canada put on Leaders Breakfasts; the attendees number in the thousands. One thing is always true, these are memorable events.

Scott Johnson, IIDA, IALD, CID, LEED AP
Principal, Wolcott Architecture Interiors and Brilliant Lighting Studio

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