Light, Camera, Action! Haunt Couture 2017

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Haunt Couture is a place where we project our dreams, fashion and desires onto the widescreen. For the last century, the icons of celluloid have amused, amazed and thrilled us. This year’s theme will transport us to faraway lands and back in a flash with music and costumes! The team with the best story-line, choreography and performance will bring home the trophy and bragging rights! Hit your marks and be ready for “lights, camera, action!”

Save the Dates!
Haunt Couture Reveal Party: Thursday, August 24
Haunt Couture 2017: Wednesday, October 25

If you are interested in competing this year, please contact:
Goli Nagdali: [email protected]
Teri Burkhart: [email protected]

Click here for tickets and sponsorship opportunities!

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