Seeley Brothers Millwork Tour, Presented by GCX

Exploring the art of design and craftsmanship: the Seeley Brothers Millwork Tour, presented by GCX. The tour provided an invaluable opportunity for designers and students to immerse themselves in the world of millwork, doors, and hardware design and fabrication.

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Under the expert guidance of Dave McSweeny and Dave Seltzer, the tour offered an in-depth journey from ideation to realization, revealing the intricate nuances that define superior craftsmanship. Attendees gained firsthand insights into the nuanced process of material selection, the engineering principles behind structural integrity, and the delicate equilibrium between aesthetic appeal and functional practicality.

Crucial to the tour’s success was the dedicated support of GCX, the Chapter’s Title Sponsor. Their involvement underscored the importance of bridging theory with real-world application, shaping a more informed and empowered design community.

Of notable significance was the diverse mix of participants, including established designers and aspiring students. This fusion of perspectives accentuated the significance of passing down knowledge and experiences to the next generation of design enthusiasts.

By delving deep into the art of millwork, doors, and hardware, attendees left with a heightened appreciation for the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. Armed with newfound insights, they are poised to shape innovative designs that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world of interior design.

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