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Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare + Sustainability? Sounds like a great theme for a future event.

There’s endless talk about ‘green this’ and ‘green that’, being sustainable, not to mention reusing, recycling, down-cycling, repurposing; forsooth! Learning about sustainability can be confusing, even daunting. It can lead one into eco-paralysis; on the surface it all seems too much. Actually, it’s all about…nothing.

In non-technical uses, the word nothing denotes a thing lacking importance, interest, value, relevance or significance – defined as ‘no thing’.

Now in our seventh year of doing, it’s through sheer determination, the generosity of many, and the business decisions of innovative leaders in industry – manufacturing, real estate, architecture and design – that we’re able to continue our good work.

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible,’” so wisely observed by Audrey Hepburn. Our mission and vision are dedicated to building an asset network of surplus that provides an encore to be shared with those in our community, providing well-being and a variety of jobs that strengthen public services as diverse as local fire and police stations, senior citizen centers, public radio stations and homeless shelters.

We are educating through action, with a focus on raising awareness about ‘nothing’ going to landfill without first being given simple consideration as a thing.

If we pledge to a future where no thing will go to landfill without first being considered for use by others, then nothing lacks importance, interest, value, relevance or significance – nothing can make a difference in the world and does every day, thanks to all those who understand our passion for making much ado about nothing.

Rose Tourje, Founder

Aligning Social Sustainability Events in L.A. and O.C.

Environmental awareness, education and action are important in making sustainability attainable. As a leading manufacturer of commercial carpet, Bentley Prince Street is a company that has environmental education and awareness built into its culture and supports organizations that, through their work, are moving toward a more sustainable future within reach for all. ANEW is one such organization that practices this through their Social Sustainability® program, which is uniting social responsibility with environmental sustainability.

Bentley Prince Street will host two upcoming “Aligning Social Sustainability” events, one in L.A. and another in Orange County, which will bring the concept of Social Sustainability to life, aligning personal wellness, community, industry and environment. The events will celebrate the commitment and generosity of leaders from the architecture and design, manufacturing, real estate and construction industries, who have already done so much to advance the work of ANEW and the practice of Social Sustainability. Both events will also feature the premier of a new short documentary “ANEW doing what’s right with what’s left®” and provide opportunities for all attendees to learn how they can join ANEW in strengthening communities by giving back and diverting from landfills.

ANEW was founded by Rose Tourje, a prominent commercial interior designer who shifted her career focus toward “doing what’s right with what’s left” after realizing that great improvements could be made in surplus liquidation practices. ANEW helps companies develop strategies to match surplus office furniture, equipment and architectural materials from corporate facilities and warehouses to non-profit charitable organizations, public agencies and underserved communities worldwide. Though ANEW is comprised of only a handful of dedicated professionals, it successfully diverts over one million pounds of construction and demolition material from landfill on average every year.

Anyone interested in positive change and enjoying an event filled with sustainability, cinema, local food and organic spirits, is encouraged to RSVP by emailing RSVP@bentleyps.com, or by calling 800.423.4709 ext. 2577.

Anthony Minite, President
Bentley Prince Street


Los Angeles: Thursday, March 15, 2012, 5pm – 8pm

Smog Shoppe, a LEED Platinum venue

2651 South La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034


Orange County: Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 5pm – 8pm

Orange County Museum of Art

850 San Clemente Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660