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IIDA’s March Design Tour of Edmunds.com


A couple of weeks ago, the Los Angeles City Center of IIDA’s Southern California Chapter held the first design tour of 2017 at the multiple award winning EdQuarters for Edmunds.com. To see more photos of the tour, click here. This 143,000 sq. ft space, designed by Christopher Mitchell and M+M Creative Studio was impressive and well attended with more than seventy-five people making the trip to talk with design leaders, up and coming talent, and fellow IIDA members.


With an incredibly insightful introduction to the space, Christopher Mitchell, gave a behind the scenes, deep dive into the process involved in creating such a dynamic, flexible, and engaging environment for a multi-generational tech client.


Some design highlights of this SOLD OUT evening included:

-A 6,000-lb. installation of 1966 and 2016 Corvettes (to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary) set wheel-to-wheel and rotating above the reception area.

-A 32-foot custom stainless steel slide that connects the two floors.

-A 1948 Cadillac Fleetwood re-purposed into a beer and coffee bar.

-130 feet of sliding glass panels that transform the office into an indoor/outdoor workspace.

-A 150 sq. ft. outdoor projector screen to accommodate movie nights for employees and their families.

-Two 600+ gallon saltwater fish tanks that will be home to 160 fish.

-A frozen yogurt machine with toppings bar, in addition to other complimentary food and beverage options.

-A game room featuring classic video games, Foosball, and air hockey.

-Multiple, forward thinking flex spaces designed to support many different ways of working.

Jason Shepley, IIDA, LEED

Haunt Couture Teaser #3!


OP… our third teaser! Next week we’re excited to reveal the full extent of this year’s enchanting theme.

Click here for more event information.

FIRMS: We’ve only got a few slots left! Gather your teammates and email Dan Nickerson at dnickerson@uiinteriors.com if you are interested in registering, and be sure to reach out to your vendors for sponsorship support.

SPONSORS: Sponsoring a team is a fantastic opportunity for maximum visibility at the design community’s hottest event, [click here] to be an event sponsor or to sponsor a design team.

***Deadline for team sponsorship is the night of the Big Reveal on AUGUST 26th! Make sure to get all of your details into the committee so you’re all set for the first big event of Haunt 2015.***

ABOUT HAUNT 2015: Watch the video here to see how fabulous last year’s show was! Haunt Couture is the industry’s biggest design competition combining high fashion, art and design in a fun-loving runway showdown between 16 committed teams with limitless imaginations.

Questions about Haunt 2015?  Contact Erica at esteenstra@wearetaylor.com or Shannon at smcshea@klawiter.com

Alexis Chicoye

Dwell on Design: Practical Feng Shui CEU Workshop by Lori Tierney, IIDA


In this introductory course on practical feng shui for the home or office, Lori Tierney, IIDA, a feng shui practitioner for more than 19 years, takes attendees through the history of the ancient art with a look at the different schools of feng shui and practical, easy-to-apply enhancements based upon your own unique information. With an emphasis on compass feng shui, Lori will assist attendees with assessments based upon their individual home/office and floor/site plans. Attendees should bring copies of any floor or site plans you would like assessed, or be prepared to provide a basic sketch for assessment.

Visit www.dwellondesign.com for more information.

Lori Tierney, IIDA
Tierney Management, LLC

Event Recap—Project Color Corp

With a mixture of collaboration, passion and determination, IIDA and Project Color Corp successfully painted a mural for the Para Los Niño’s charter school in Downtown Los Angeles.

Our goal was to give back to our community with what we do best, designing with color.

Working together with the school, the students drew and wrote down colors, images, and words that made them happy at school. With this information we were able to create two color schemes for the students and faculty to vote,“Cool Brave” and “Hopeful Love”. Once a scheme was selected, Project Color Corp and IIDA got started on making this happen. Teaming with parents and the school, the design community came together and donated their time and effort to help with this project.

The project could not have happened without the help of our volunteers. We sincerely thank Sherwin Williams for donating paint and supplies for this event, along with Mata Construction for being part of the process and helping us find the right muralist for this project. Thank you to all the volunteers that painted in 90 degree weather, to our muralist who painted the wall for an entire week in the middle of a hot summer, and to Shaw Contract Group, Kimball, Luna Textiles, and Herman Miller for bringing food on Volunteer Paint Day. Thank you Bentley Mills and Howard Building Corporation for your support, and lastly thank you to the Project Color Corp and IIDA team for all of your hard work! Through teamwork we were able to bring color, life, and joy to a school, creating a little more sunshine in the lives of the students.

We believe in the power of color!

Laura Guido-Clark, Founder of Project Color Corp.
Susan Yun, Wolcott AI, IIDA Associate
Jolene Kraus, Parallel Group, IIDA
Heidi Hampton, Gensler
Jenneffer Burgos, Gensler, IIDA

See video here.

Co-authored by Susan Yun of Wolcott Architecture Interiors and Jenneffer Burgos of Gensler.

Design Roundup

With so many outlets for inspiration, it can be hard to chase down everything that is happening in the world. This series is a curated collection of ideas, trends, designs, and cultural happenings that have been swirling in the digital waters.

Here is a collection of interesting things that have recently been swirling around the digital waters:

From the design world

ASID predicts a strong year for Interior Design. In equally shocking news, water is wet.

Valentino’s New York store will let the fashion have all the color.

3D textiles with intricate “nerdy structures.”

Facade of wooden slats brings organic feel to the University of Tokyo.

London shows off the best of 2014  and the best of what’s next

3D printing to make your head feel better about itself

Mental breaks (for when you need to stare at something else for a second)

Beauty is in the eye of the editor

Bey and J


Please feel free to post anything interesting you’ve come across in the comment section!

Stephen is the Creative Director for GlasPro. David Bowie is his hero.

Stephen Sudeth, Associate IIDA

It's About the Net Effect

As a Detroit native, I have been accustomed to a season of heavy snow and often single digit cold weather. So as my journey with Interface has led me to Los Angeles, it didn’t take long for me to appreciate this year round forecast of bliss. Once a daydreamer of moments to visit the beach and listen to the whispering waves of the ocean, I now can have a conversation with this side of nature at any moment.

So when Interface first mentioned the launch of our Net Effect™ collection it was a poignant reminder that the years I have shared with this company really does go beyond selling a beautiful product, but we must share the experience of the story behind it. David Oakey, our exclusive product designer, realized that most of the time when we talk about sustainability, we mean the land and the problems that fossil fuels have caused, yet we lack to consider that the oceans are equally important.

Beyond being designed to honor the ocean in an aesthetic reference, Net Effect also honors the ocean in a unique and tangible way through a project called Net-Works. Net-Works provides a source of income for small fishing villages in the Philippines while cleaning up the beaches and waters of discarded fishing nets that threaten their livelihood. The collected nets are sold and converted to yarn for our Interface carpet tile.

The beautiful design of the Net Effect One collection describes the precise moment when the sea foams into the shore. Each pattern also has a life of its own as it floods the floor with movement and color. The Net Effect Two collection captures the fluidity of water even in linear patterns with expanding and contracting rhythms.

Whether I’m on the beach or on the floor of the Interface showroom, the ocean truly brings about a Net Effect.

Kenn Rickman, Industry IIDA

OMA + Knoll Debut Furniture at the Prada Fashion Show

Knoll kicks off its 75th anniversary with a bang! A Prada bang, that is. Early this year, Knoll launched its new collaboration with OMA, the Dutch architecture practice cofounded by Rem Koolhaas and debuted it at the Prada Fashion show in Milan. Knoll has plentiful experience in knowing what works, having teamed up with the pantheon of modern masters – from Mies van der Rohe and Eero Saarinen to Frank Gehry – in its time. 75 years in the game has not made Knoll any less experimental, however. Rather the opposite.

This year, we continue to push the boundaries further than ever with a new furniture collection entitled ‘Tools for Life.’ Picture this: With anticipation so thick it was palpable, The audience seated in a pit in the center of the space watches Prada models glide past the simple, no-nonsense palette of clear acrylic, juxtaposed with concrete; glass with leather; travertine with steel. Longtime friend of Koolhaas, Miuccia Prada described the set as “a still life of an imaginary bourgeoisie.” Koolhaas’ collection is as progressive as any of the Knoll collaborators that came before him: furniture as ‘high-performance tool’ rather than style statement, taking into account the ever-changing nature of contemporary lifestyles. ‘We wanted to create a range of furniture that performs in very precise but also in completely unpredictable ways, furniture that not only contributes to the interior but also to the animation,’ states Koolhaas.

This pairs perfectly with Knoll’s design director, Benjamin Pardo’s take on the collection; “the OMA pieces are more kinetic than static: many are easily adjustable so that with changes in height, adjacency and degree of privacy, almost any space can be transformed to a place of work.” It seems that Knoll is living out its 75th anniversary slogan of ‘Modern always.’

Marcy Nelson, Student IIDA
Knoll, Inc.

10 Questions with Jaclyn Giuliano

Jaclyn Giuliano, IIDA, A&D Associate at Herman Miller

What is your favorite iconic chair:
Working with furniture has definitely given me a chance to see some beautiful designs. My favorite has to be the timeless Eames Molded Plastic Chair. It’s recognizable, comfortable, and minimal, plus it was the first piece of Herman Miller furniture I purchased for myself so it always makes me happy to see at home.

What is your favorite California destination:
I feel like there are so many to choose and I love discovering new places so it’s hard to pinpoint one. I grew up near Pasadena so I was able to take many trips to Huntington Gardens. It’s still a place I go when I want to clear my head, take a little break in the weekend, and sketch out a few ideas.

What is your favorite color:
Unknowingly I find myself always gravitating towards yellow things. Whether it is for my house, my clothes, or the flowers I choose. My wedding even had a yellow theme.

What is your go-to outfit:
I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a pair of black skinny jeans in my closet. Finish it off with a pair of ballet flats and something with polka dots and you can spot me.

Where would we find you on the weekend:
I’ve been trying to hike more so you could probably find me on a trail near the beach, but lately I’ve been walking around my new neighborhood checking out the places that have opened up recently.

Gold or silver:
Definitely both. As long as the jewelry is delicate and minimal I’ll go for it. Plus when it’s made with a precious metal I really can’t turn down either.

Beer or wine:
I’m definitely a fan of wine and love finding new bottles, but living in Michigan made me a bit of a beer snob with all of the craft brewing so I would have to say both.

Beach or mountains:
Mountains, there are just so many options from camping, to hiking, to picnicking.

Online or print magazines:
I seem to be saying both for most things, but this is where I definitely say both without hesitation. I’ve collected a handful of my favorite printed issues that I just can’t throw away and that I’ll tear out for inspiration, but for ease and portability I like have them online.

Open or private offices:
Open, I like being able to easily talk to someone. It makes the day more productive and enjoyable too.

I am a California native who fostered a fne arts and design enthusiasm while attending USC’s Roski School of Fine Arts. After graduating I continued my art path by working for a Los Angeles art gallery followed by an art consulting firm. A move to Ann Arbor, Michigan took me away from the sunny weather of my home and gave me a good dose of those famous Midwest winters. Michigan is also where I was introduced to the furniture industry where I worked with the design and marketing team of an Ann Arbor/Grand Rapids manufacturer. Moving back to California allowed me to stay in the industry where I continue to grow my enthusiasm for design. When I’m not working you can find me hiking with my husband or discovering new restaurants and events in LA.

10 questions is a new feature on Bright IIDeAs. Check back for future posts.
Jaclyn Giuliano, Herman Miller & Jolene Ballard, HBF

10 Questions with Jolene Ballard

Jolene Ballard, IIDA, CID, LEED AP, A+D Representative at HBF

What is your favorite iconic chair:
Carl Hansen, Wishbone. In a natural finish. The hand crafted quality of the chair, plus a woven papercord seat and bent wood. Now that is quality construction at its finest. And, it is still being produced the same way today. Having Danish roots also makes this a personal fav.

What is your favorite California destination:
Sonoma County. Wine, cheese, rolling hills and amazing people.

What is your favorite color:
Blue. My bedroom when I was born was painted a light blue, and I kept it that way until high school. Maybe my parents wanted a boy? Worked out in the end, I suppose.

What is your go-to outfit:
Black. I actually call wearing all black my uniform. It’s easy, quick and you can wear it every other day in the design world. Popping some leopard shoes makes it complete.

Where would we find you on the weekend:
Walking in my neighborhood. Living in the historic Miracle Mile district in LA has made me really happy to have moved back to Southern California. Even though nobody walks in LA, I’m trying to be the change.

Gold or Silver:
Gold. Hands down.

Beer or Wine:
In my 20’s, it was beer.
In my 30’s, it’s both.

Beach or Mountains:
Beach. Although I never really go to either. Thanks, Pinterest.

Online or Print Magazines:
Both. I find that online magazines are really helping out my Pinterest boards while print magazines are great props in my living room. They both have great designs and inspiration, so I love having options.

Open or Private Offices:
Open. I find being amongst peers is the best way to collaborate on projects. Though, when I need to make that dentist appointment, I typically head into a more private setting.

Jolene Ballard graduated with a BFA in interior design from Iowa State University. Go cyclones. She moved to Southern California shortly after and entered the design world working for Gensler in Newport Beach. After a great ride there, she went to a hospitality design firm, to sales, back to design. She is currently working as an A+D Manager for HBF and HBF Textiles. She lives in LA with her boyfriend.

10 questions is a new feature on Bright IIDeAs. Check back for future posts.
Jaclyn Giuliano, Herman Miller

With Passion & Curiosity, Students Redesign Their Academic Corridor

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein

As Cal State Long Beach students, and the future generation of interior designers, we believe that by being curious, we learn. By being passionately curious, we continue to learn, and become even more curious. It is this curiosity and passion that motivated us to do the research, programming, ideation, and design concepts for “The Corridor” project…..an informal learning space for us! This Einstein quote was the inspiration for one the design teams. All eight teams made very professional PowerPoint presentations, to our campus stakeholders- CSULB President F. King Alexander, Vice President Mary Stephens, College of the Arts Dean Christopher Miles, and David Salazar, Associate Vice President of Physical Planning and Facilities Management.


This unique experience provides us with a real-life opportunity to handle a project from beginning to end. Each of the design concepts were exceptional in their own way…..thinking about the students’ experience in an informal learning environment. Mr. Salazar now has the difficult task of selecting the strongest design concept to move forward with. The winning “project team” will collaborate to expedite their project through construction and final installation. They will learn how to address the challenges and rewards of managing a design project through completion, with a focus on scope, schedule and budget.


We are fortunate that Professor Dorothy Ottolia provides our Junior Interior Design Studio with our first-ever real-work experiences. This project experience and working with various industry partners have been invaluable to us as students. We are excited about building bridges with IIDA and the design community as we explore our career paths.

Pamela Neiman states that “IIDA is just as excited about the next generation of interior designers, we are committed to helping to build bridges as we look forward to their talent, curiosity and passion.”

Let’s keep an eye out for the winning team and the completion of their project.…..

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