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IDCC Elects IIDA NoCal Board Member, Bill Weeman, as its New President

IDCC_BillWeemanBill Weeman has been practicing Interior Design for over 25 years with experience in interior architecture/design, project management, program management, systems furniture design, purchasing and move management. Bill has both strong design skills and leadership skills. Bill has never believed in a “one size fits all” solution, rather by understanding his clients and their particular needs, he strives to develop solutions that are tailored to achieve their immediate goals and their long-term objectives. Good design must encompass an understanding of the clients business and enhance productivity while still portraying the company brand. Bill is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ) and is a Certified Interior Designer (CID) in California. He has served on several program/curriculum advisory councils for colleges in Arizona. Bill is a professional member of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) serving many board positions including president of the Southwest Chapter. He continues to serve on the board of the Northern California Chapter as VP of Advocacy. Prior to joining the Interior Design Coalition of California, Bill was a board member of the Interior Design Coalition of Arizona. Bill began his two year Presidency on October 29 at the IDCC Annual Meeting.

Read more on the IDCC newsletter here.

Little Hoover Commission Report on
 Occupational Licensing in California

On October 4, 2016 the Little Hoover Commission released their report on Occupational Licensing in California.  The final draft makes a case for licensing commercial interior design in California, although at the first hearing and in initial discussions between commission staff and the Interior Design Coalition’s lobbyists, Interior Design was used as an example of a profession that should not be licensed.  Continued discussions with Commission staff and IDCC testimony in subsequent hearings resulted in the case for licensing of commercial design.


Little Hoover Commission Report on
Occupational Licensing in California

On October 4, 2016 the Little Hoover Commission released their report on Occupational Licensing in California.  The final draft makes a case for licensing commercial interior design in California, although at the first hearing and in initial discussions between commission staff and the Interior Design Coalition’s lobbyists, Interior Design was used as an example of a profession that should not be licensed.  Continued discussions with Commission staff and IDCC testimony in subsequent hearings resulted in the case for licensing of commercial design.

During the first hearing, one panelist raised interior designers as an example occupation that did not require licensure because the panelist confused the work of designers and decorators. To counter this point, the Interior Design Coalition of California (IDCC) was thrilled to participate in the second hearing in June.  Deborah Davis, FASID, Director at Large for the IDCC, testified to the Commission regarding the work of interior designers and the need for interior designers to be licensed in the state of California.  Deborah was able to educate the Commission on our work and raise a variety of relevant points as to why licensure for interior designers working in the code-impacted environment would especially help those who own small businesses, 90% of whom happen to be women.  The Commissioners responded well to Deborah’s testimony, featuring our arguments in the final report.  IDCC is looking forward to continued collaboration with the Little Hoover Commission and other stakeholders in the future as we continue to work towards our goals for the interior design profession in California in 2017 and beyond.

The Little Hoover Commission, formally known as the Milton Marks “Little Hoover” Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy, is an independent state oversight agency that was created in 1962. The Commission’s mission is to investigate state government operations and – through reports, recommendations and legislative proposals – promote efficiency, economy and improved service. The Commission’s creation and membership, purpose and duties and powers are enumerated in statute.  By statute, the Commission is a balanced bipartisan board composed of five citizen members appointed by the Governor, four citizen members appointed by the Legislature, two Senators and two Assembly members.  The full Commission selects study topics that come to its attention from citizens, legislators and other sources. In addition, it has a statutory obligation to review and make recommendations on proposed government reorganization plans.

This year the Commission took on the challenge of putting together a series of thoughtful hearings to discuss occupational licensing in California. The focus of the Commission’s review is on the impact of occupational licensing on upward mobility and opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation for Californians, particularly those of modest means.  The Commission also examined the result of occupational licensing on the cost and availability of services provided by licensed practitioners to consumers.

Read the entire report on our Advocacy page.

IDCC Annual Meeting

On August 9, 2014 the Interior Design Coalition of California (IDCC) held their annual meeting in the ASID Orange County office at the Laguna Design Center. The meeting was very well attended by members of California ASID and IIDA chapters; Don Davis, Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, ASID; William Dessert, Specialist, Government and Public Affairs, ASID; Susanne Molina, Vice President IIDA; Susan Stuart, Partner, Capitol Advisors and Erin Evans-Fudem, Legislative Counsel, Capitol Advisors, IDCC’s lobbyists.

Outgoing IDCC President Katherine Fern reported on the many significant achievements of the Coalition this past year, including developing alliances with many interior design organizations as we worked to achieve common goals; successful outreach and education efforts to building officials, legislators and community college representatives; the enactment of SB 308 that extended the CID law until 2018 with added provisions; and the defeat of AB 2192, which would have allowed for Architects to implement a peer review system for plan approval, specifically for residential design.

Ongoing goals were also outlined that include obtaining uniform acceptance statewide of the CID stamp; the continued strengthening of collaborative alliances with other stakeholders and organizations; reinstatement of the NCIDQ as an alternative to the IDEX for certification; legal recognition of the profession of interior design; and continued vigilance for proposed legislation that could affect our right to practice.

Don Davis spoke about National efforts and recent legislative success in Massachusetts. He also explained the need to remain vigilant for proposed legislation similar to AB 2192. Also stressed was the fact that with new energy codes, nationally and in California (changes to Title 24 and the adoption of the CalGreen Building Code), all interior design work is becoming code-impacted work and legal recognition will be even more important to all interior designers.

Susan Stuart congratulated the Coalition on the success of the grass roots effort in defeating AB 2192 and discussed outlining goals for the Coalition going forward.

Susanne Molina discussed IIDA’s position on legislation, outreach efforts to expand awareness and understanding of the interior design professional, and the importance of the NCIDQ exam.

A lively and informative question and answer session followed that included many suggestions from the attendees for new alliances.

Nicole Rosetti, IIDA, was welcomed to the Board as Director-at-Large. Michel Dory, Allied ASID was also welcomed to the Communications team. In closing, Katherine Fern, who is leaving California, passed the torch to Patricia K. Weiss, IDCC’s new President. Katherine’s dedicated efforts resulted in a year of significant accomplishment for IDCC. We are all deeply appreciative and know that she will remain involved as a strong advocate for the profession. The IDCC Board is delighted to have Patricia returning to the Board and we look forward to her strong guidance and leadership.

The Interior Design Coalition of California seeks the legal recognition of the professional practice of interior design in the state of California. Through collaboration, education and advocacy, IDCC strives to present a unified voice for the California interior design community to support and protect the profession of interior design. Please visit our website www.idc-ca.org to become a member and to learn more about how our efforts affect your profession.

Kelsey Myatt, IIDA
Mohawk Group

Breaking News! Advocacy Update

Breaking News! The new bill AB 2192 affects YOU!  

Drafted by the AIA, AB 2192 sets up a building plan “peer review” review process that favors architects and excludes interior designers. IIDA opposes this legislation and encourages you to get involved.

Please read the attached Assembly Floor Alert to learn more and check out the IDCC website here.

Kelsey Myatt, Industry IIDA
Mohawk Group

License 2 Design

Heard about License 2 Design but not sure what it is? We’ll be bringing you information weekly, highlighting the issues associated with Interior Design Licensing. To start us off, we’re defining what the L2D campaign is.

What is License 2 Design?
L2D is an awareness campaign advocating voluntary licensure for California Interior designers that work in code-regulated environments.

Why is licensure important for California Interior Designers?
Currently California interior designers are excluded from practicing in environments where building codes require drawings to be stamped by a registered professional. Voluntary licensure would allow interior designers to stamp and submit their own drawings.

Who benefits from voluntary licensure?
Everyone benefits! Voluntary licensure provides consumers with more choices. Licensed interior designers can practice independently in markets from which they are currently excluded. Unlicensed interior designers can practice as they do currently, with the opportunity to expand should they choose.

Check back with us next week to learn more about what is going on now.

Kelsey Myatt, Associate IIDA
VP Government & Regulatory Affairs, IIDA SoCal

The Changing Nature of Work: Does Place Matter?

Please join us for a CEU on October 4th at Haworth in Santa Monica.

The Changing Nature of Work:  Does Place Matter?  

A Free CEU Sponsored by Haworth, presented by Senior Workplace Strategist Doug Sitzes

Followed by Beer tasting reception sponsored by ASID

Thursday, October 4th
Registration starts at 5:30 PM
CEU at 6:00 PM
Reception at 7:00PM
1601 Cloverfield Blvd
Santa Monica CA 90404 

Parking provided by Haworth.  If you are planning on attending the CEU, please RSVP early – capacity is limited.  RSVPs go to info@idc-ca.org


Keeping Up the Intensity on Interior Design Legislation

Friends and Members of IIDA,

The stories shared through your calls, letters, and outreach are essential in raising awareness about the ways the current interior design certification process must be improved. Many thanks to all of you who have reached out in the past several months to have your voices heard. IIDA continues to push for the law in California to provide you with the tools needed to succeed in California both independently and as part of a corporate partnership, including consistency across the state in access to the permitting process.

IIDA thanks Assembly member Fiona Ma for sponsoring the most recent initiative to improve the business environment for consumers and interior designers in California. This initiative, supported by the Interior Design Coalition of California (IDCC), the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) seeks to ensure drawings submitted by qualified interior designers in California will be universally accepted for review by building officials in the State. As many of you are aware, the author decided to withdraw the bill to allow more time for issues to be resolved.

IIDA is committed to advancing the profession of interior design, and continues to work so that the laws regulating interior design are best aligned with the work that you do – daily – to improve the health, safety, and welfare of all who inhabit the spaces you design. Getting there is an ongoing process, and we look forward to your continued involvement as we carry on!

IIDA Southern California Chapter 
Board of Directors

Letter From the President Regarding AB2482

Dear friends,

As many of you may know, legislation has recently been introduced in Sacramento that can significantly enhance California interior designers’ ability to practice their profession in code-based environments. This bill, AB 2482, is strongly supported by both IIDA and ASID, and creates voluntary pathways to licensure so that interior designers qualified by education, experience and examination can practice to their full abilities.

In short, the bill proposes a new, state-licensed designation of Registered Interior Designer (RID), based on the NCIDQ examination, the very same exam that IIDA uses as a basis for Professional Membership. It benefits the public as well as the interior design profession by providing an additional career path for those who wish to pursue state licensure, while keeping the current certification process (CID) in place for those interior designers whose practice does not include code-impacted projects.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you work directly or indirectly in the interior design profession, and the success of this bill depends on voicing our support, and a lot of it, to lawmakers in Sacramento. I’m asking you to please consider sending letters of support THIS WEEK. Letters should be faxed (yes, ancient technology, I know!) and mailed to the Sacramento addresses of the legislators in the B&P Committee who will be hearing AB 2482 on Tuesday, April 17th.

The Interior Design Coalition of California has some great talking points on their website, which clarify much of the misinformation that is being circulated by the opponents of this bill. For more information, go to www.idc-ca.org or www.license2design.org to register your support.

Thank you in advance for stepping up at this important moment in our profession.  And – feel free to pass this info along to others who might be willing to add to the letter-writing campaign.

For all tools needed for letter writing, click to our website for all links.

Warm regards,

Christopher Coldoff,  IIDA, CID, LEED AP ID+C, Gensler
President, IIDA Southern California Chapter