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Thats A Wrap on DesignWalk 2019


IIDA’s 2nd annual DesignWalk was a huge success!

At Gensler, our first stop, attendees congregated to receive a map, snacks, and a glass of champagne to commence the evening.


Each of the following eight stops took their interpretation of the theme “engage your senses” to create a vignette that showcased creativity, innovation, and the ability to blend products from all genres. For those of us who were unable to attend this years Neocon, DesignWalk was an opportunity to see new product coming to the marketplace, as well as some fun ideas to incorporate the products into a space. In typical LA fashion, each showroom hosted a party of their very own. Whether you were stepping onto a yacht or an episode of Stranger Things, every showroom had a fun and unique experience awaiting their guests.


The night concluded with a final gathering at PeopleSpace where awards were given for both the people’s choice and the judges choice. Team Teknion, which included Milliken, Eureka lighting and MDC interior solutions took People’s Choice, while Team Shaw who partnered with PLP SoCal, Formica and Sixinch won with the Judge’s Award.

Thank you to all that sponsored and those that attended for making the night so wonderful.

IIDA and the LA City Center are looking forward to building on the success of the 2019 DesignWalk to bring products shown at NeoCon to Los Angeles in the years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!

photo copyright Elle Decor

Before we go on our Thanksgiving break, we want to know…

How will you be decorating your Thanksgiving table this year?

Enter for a chance to WIN a Starbucks gift card & a member spotlight! Post a picture of your creative Thanksgiving table on Instagram and the best, well-designed table wins!

Rules: tag your place of work, tag IIDASoCal, use the hashtag #iidasocal and have fun! 

Photos must be posted to Instagram by Monday, Nov. 27, 2018, 5pm PT. You must be an IIDA SoCal Member to win. Winner will be notified the week of December 4th.

Get inspired! From glitter thanksgiving ideas to tiered stand décor, check out Elle Décor’s article on sophisticated thanksgiving decorations for a stylish holiday! Click here to view.

A BIG THANK YOU to all, we’re very thankful for the Interior Design community we have in Southern California and all of our supporters.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

NY Fashion Week 2018 Color Trends!


Do fashion trends inspire you and the way you design?

Many designers use other industry trends to help them be creative and think forward when designing a space. PANTONE recently announced the upcoming Spring 2018 NY fashion color trends! Color is a huge influencer not just for fashion but architecture and design as well – we love to embrace colors when the opportunity is presented.

PANTONE announced the top 12 colors and a “Classic Color Palette”

The top 12 colors reflect a sense of fun and playfulness! While the Classic Color Palette is a bit more quiet.

To read more and see all colors, click here!


I’m usually not a huge fan of red BUT Cherry Tomato is another story! LOVING IT!


Tanya Villalpando, Associate IIDA
VP of Communications

Spotlight on Alexandra Milkovich


Alexandra Milkovich is one of our professional members for San Diego City Center. She relocated to San Diego from Dallas earlier this year, and is excited to be a part of the San Diego interior design community. We spoke with Alexandra to get to know her and find out about why being NCIDQ certified is important to her.

With a Masters in Interior Architecture & Product Design from Kansas State University, Alexandra Milkovich has 8 years of experience in the interior design and architectural industry.  She spent the early part of her career at RTKL Dallas, where she worked on hospitality, healthcare, and commercial projects, as well as exhibit design. She has since been employed by Wilson Associates Dallas and Harwood International, also in Dallas, where she gained additional experience the aforementioned fields as well as in high-end residential and multi-family housing.

After much consideration, Alexandra and her husband decided to move to San Diego. She is currently a part of the interior design department at HBG Design, where she is focused on hospitality design. Alexandra has done extensive research in restaurant design and the culinary arts through both her masters degree and professionally, and continues that passion through not only her job, but her personal food blog where she showcases unique culinary dishes and beautiful plating designs.

Here are her answers to a few of our questions regarding her experience in becoming an NCIDQ certified professional:

Q: How long have you been NCIDQ certified?

A: 5 years

Q: Name one thing that you learned while studying for the exam that you are able to apply to your everyday work.

A: Every firm does things slightly differently, therefore I learned a lot about the typical industry standards and how I can apply those standards at each place I worked.

Q: How do you feel that being certified has helped you professionally?

A: Being a licensed interior designer not only makes you more knowledgeable in the profession, but also puts you in a higher pay range and potentially a higher position at your company.

Q: Why would you recommend certification to fellow designers?

A: I believe that once you become a Registered Interior Designer, your boss and colleagues will have a newfound level of respect for you professionally.  It shows them that you can accomplish a challenge and come out with much more knowledge in the profession than you had prior, which in turn benefits them.

Q: Did you take all of the exams at once, or did you spread them out, and why did you choose to do it the way you did?

A: I took all of my exams at once: multiple choice tests on a Friday and practicum on a Saturday.  It was a very long weekend, but I was happy to get them over within one quick swoop.

Q: Do you have any study tips for those of us who are preparing to take the exam?

A: For the multiple choice tests, I recommend to read the book once, read it again and highlight important notes, read it again and make note cards of the highlighted notes and study those note cards.  I also recommend reading any additional recommended study books/notes that the book may not cover (i.e. AIA standards).  For the practicum, I recommend practicing the test at least 2 times and timing yourself.  Also make sure you understand the different sections and what you could potentially be tested on.  I took a study course with IIDA and it was really helpful.

Q: In your opinion, what is the number one reason that an interior designer should become NCIDQ Certified?

A: Becoming a certified interior designer shows commitment and dedication to the interior design industry.

Q: Any words of encouragement?

A: I had to tell myself many times to ‘just do it’.  I know taking this test is daunting, but you need to rip it off like a band-aid, suck it up and just take it.  Don’t be discouraged by failure.  Many people do not pass the first time and no firms or fellow designers will judge you for that.

Welcome to the San Diego City Center, Alexandra! We are happy to have you as a part of our community.

Katie Toth & Denise Colestock
Co-Chairs of Advocacy, San Diego City Center