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Meet Susan Coddington, IIDA Co-VP Advocacy

From pursuing her childhood goals to become a business owner to recently being sworn in as chair of the Century City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Susan Coddington is an active local figure who enjoys all aspects of the neighborhood, from exercising to dining.

Can you tell me about what you do in Century City?
I own and manage a boutique commercial interior design and architecture firm, called CDGLA, located in our own small building in Century City at 10215 Santa Monica Blvd.

What motivated you to get into this role?
From young age of 6 or 7, I knew that I wanted to be a business owner and I also loved space planning and figuring out how to re-arrange spaces.

I attended University of Texas in Austin where I graduated with a double major of Interior Design and Business Administration/Marketing—combining both of my interests into a career that would blend creativity with business.

I like people and enjoy personal customer service. I chose commercial design because I like to make a positive difference in the lives of working people by improving their business environments.

As a board member and co-VP of Advocacy for the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), I work to support the advancement of the interior design profession, through education, outreach and legislative efforts.

IDCC Annual Meeting

On August 9, 2014 the Interior Design Coalition of California (IDCC) held their annual meeting in the ASID Orange County office at the Laguna Design Center. The meeting was very well attended by members of California ASID and IIDA chapters; Don Davis, Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, ASID; William Dessert, Specialist, Government and Public Affairs, ASID; Susanne Molina, Vice President IIDA; Susan Stuart, Partner, Capitol Advisors and Erin Evans-Fudem, Legislative Counsel, Capitol Advisors, IDCC’s lobbyists.

Outgoing IDCC President Katherine Fern reported on the many significant achievements of the Coalition this past year, including developing alliances with many interior design organizations as we worked to achieve common goals; successful outreach and education efforts to building officials, legislators and community college representatives; the enactment of SB 308 that extended the CID law until 2018 with added provisions; and the defeat of AB 2192, which would have allowed for Architects to implement a peer review system for plan approval, specifically for residential design.

Ongoing goals were also outlined that include obtaining uniform acceptance statewide of the CID stamp; the continued strengthening of collaborative alliances with other stakeholders and organizations; reinstatement of the NCIDQ as an alternative to the IDEX for certification; legal recognition of the profession of interior design; and continued vigilance for proposed legislation that could affect our right to practice.

Don Davis spoke about National efforts and recent legislative success in Massachusetts. He also explained the need to remain vigilant for proposed legislation similar to AB 2192. Also stressed was the fact that with new energy codes, nationally and in California (changes to Title 24 and the adoption of the CalGreen Building Code), all interior design work is becoming code-impacted work and legal recognition will be even more important to all interior designers.

Susan Stuart congratulated the Coalition on the success of the grass roots effort in defeating AB 2192 and discussed outlining goals for the Coalition going forward.

Susanne Molina discussed IIDA’s position on legislation, outreach efforts to expand awareness and understanding of the interior design professional, and the importance of the NCIDQ exam.

A lively and informative question and answer session followed that included many suggestions from the attendees for new alliances.

Nicole Rosetti, IIDA, was welcomed to the Board as Director-at-Large. Michel Dory, Allied ASID was also welcomed to the Communications team. In closing, Katherine Fern, who is leaving California, passed the torch to Patricia K. Weiss, IDCC’s new President. Katherine’s dedicated efforts resulted in a year of significant accomplishment for IDCC. We are all deeply appreciative and know that she will remain involved as a strong advocate for the profession. The IDCC Board is delighted to have Patricia returning to the Board and we look forward to her strong guidance and leadership.

The Interior Design Coalition of California seeks the legal recognition of the professional practice of interior design in the state of California. Through collaboration, education and advocacy, IDCC strives to present a unified voice for the California interior design community to support and protect the profession of interior design. Please visit our website www.idc-ca.org to become a member and to learn more about how our efforts affect your profession.

Kelsey Myatt, IIDA
Mohawk Group

Legislative Update from the 2013 Sunset Review

The Governor has signed SB 308 into law.

THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in this year’s sunset review. With your support and letter writing, we were able to keep the current bill in place with some incremental strengthening.

The Sunset Review
This year’s sunset review of the current legislation has passed the Assembly and the Senate and is now on the Governor’s desk to be signed back into law for another 4 years.

What Happened
SB308 did implement the following to the Certified Interior Designer law:

– Extends the certification statute to 2018,

– Adds a requirement for Certified Interior Designers to have contracts with their clients,

– Requires the Interior Design Certification Board – CCIDC, to operate their board meetings in compliance with the Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act,

– Clarifies that interior designer and interior decorator are not titles that are protected from use by non-certified individuals,

– Codifies the use of the appellation “CID” to mean Certified Interior Designer, and

– Strengthens the unfair practice provision.

What was achieved vs. what we were aiming for
IIDA worked closely with IDCC, ASID, 4CID and CCIDC to strengthen SB308. Proposed amendments included a clearer scope definition and increased/uniform acceptance of the CID stamp for interior designers submitting plans NOT affecting the seismic, structural and vertical exiting systems of the building. Because this was a Sunset Bill which included legislation affecting other professions, the legislators would not accept anything viewed as contentious and potentially not passing. Unfortunately, there was opposition during various stages from various groups including NKBA, AIACC and CALBO.

Next steps
STAY INVOLVED!  IIDA continues to advocate for the advancement of YOUR profession and, with other stakeholders will continue to build awareness for the need to strengthen current legislation while reviewing options for new legislation. To achieve this, our legislators need to hear from their constituents and not just a select few. Sign up today at www.license2design.org to show your support and help define the future of your profession.

Kelsey Myatt, Assoc. IIDA, Vice President of Government & Regulatory Affairs
Architectural Representative, Lamin-Art