The Color Theory: A Celebration of Color

The IIDA OC Fashion Show is in less than two months, and I couldn’t be more excited! This year’s theme is The Color Theory: A Celebration of Color. The theme offers such exciting potential and has already drawn in a high level of design team participation- we already have more teams committed than in years past. We have also added an exciting twist; at the IIDA Trunk Show on March 20th, design teams will be given the opportunity to draw a number. Then, in numerical order, design teams will be able to select their color of choice, which will allow teams to work with a color that they truly have pride in. In addition, each team is responsible for just one model this year, which will allow designers to put a lot of energy and detail into their costume. With all of these exciting modifications and additions, the 14th annual IIDA OC Fashion Show is sure to be one of the best! It truly is an event not to be missed! I look forward to seeing you there!

Jill Dougherty
Momentum Group

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