10 Questions with Alexa Rajec

Alexa Rajec, Visual Retail Space Planner, Forever 21 Corporate Headquarters

What is your favorite iconic chair:
Alvar Aalto’s armchair in molded plywood (c. 1934). It is such an elegant and timeless chair.

What is your favorite California destination:
There are SO many places to choose from, however, while attending the University of California, Riverside, I was introduced to the Mission Inn and it is truly one of the few places in Southern California that has taken my breath away.

What is your favorite color:
Despite the trends, my heart will always belong to a pale pink.

What is your go-to outfit:
Leggings, loose knee-high boots, a tank top and a cardigan – it’s casual/comfortable, but dressed up with the right accessories it’s an outfit that’s perfect for a nice night out.

Where would we find you on the weekend:
On my beach cruiser somewhere between Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach!

Gold or Silver:
For me, it depends on the context: gold can beautifully accentuate a room or outfit if it’s paired with the right colors and textures and the same goes for silver.

Beer or Wine:
Wine. Since I love to travel, I love that wine can take me to another place. For instance, a beautiful Pinotage instantly takes me to South Africa.

Beach or Mountains:
Definitely the beach. There is so much to do: hiking, biking, camping, bonfires, laying out, surfing, body boarding, kayaking, sailing, watching the sunrise/sunset or just plain enjoying the beauty that it has to offer.

Online or Print Magazines:
Depending on the magazine: print. Since everything is so technology driven these days, print magazines bring me back to my youth, where one actually had to flip a page in order to continue reading: there was no “i” anything when I was growing up.

Open or Private Offices:
Definitely Open Office. Open offices create an environment for collaboration which is not achieved in a private office situation. I believe it ultimately allows for more success for the company and its employees.

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