IIDA Southern California supports Legislation that ensures specific levels of competency. We are committed to and understand the importance of legislative efforts to advance the profession and recognize the value of excellence in design. Interior design laws help establish and maintain professional standards that protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public.


On October 4, 2016 the Little Hoover Commission released their report on Occupational Licensing in California.  The final draft makes a case for licensing commercial interior design in California, although at the first hearing and in initial discussions between commission staff and the Interior Design Coalition’s lobbyists, Interior Design was used as an example of a profession that should not be licensed.  Continued discussions with Commission staff and IDCC testimony in subsequent hearings resulted in the case for licensing of commercial design.

See the full Little Hoover Commission report here (pages 6, 19 and 20 pertain to interior design ): 10 04 16 – IDCC – LHC Occupational Licensure

Why does IIDA support the goal of Legislation for Interior Designers?
IIDA firmly believes that legal recognition, achieved through licensing, registration, and certification brings uniformity to the profession, defines responsibility, and encourages excellence in the Interior Design industry.

Why is licensing important?
As a professional committed to advancing the highest quality of service, knowledge and skill in the practice of Interior Design, Legislation offers designers the inherent benefits of meeting a minimum standard of expertise. This level of public recognition would helps to differentiate you within the industry and maximize your personal growth options to whatever level of practice that meets your goals.

How can you make a difference for successful future Legislation in California?
You can make a difference by fully understanding the advantages of legislation and the process by which future registration could occur. You can make a difference by actively participating in the awareness-building communication campaign that will ultimately culminate in submitting a Legislative bill to State Congress, endorsing ID Registration within California.

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