The value of continuing education

Understanding the value of continuing education and research has been the mainstay of IIDA since its inception. Educated practitioners make informed, safe and creative decisions, which affect us all. Educational programs serve as a creative outlet to promote awareness regarding pertinent issues within the practice of Interior Design.


Turning Point Series

The Turning Point Series is an interactive workshop and panel discussion focused on growth and evolution in creative industries. The panel endeavors to highlight local professionals with an interesting path or story, along with discussion leaders who are proficient in creative strategies and programs. This series usually takes place in the fall in each of our City Centers.

Emerging Leaders Pilot Program, San Diego

The goal of the program is to provide specific, intensive workshops geared toward young design leaders who are growing from “doing” tasks to “leading” in their firms and the industry. The 25 to 30 participants should have several years of work experience and feel ready for the type of content, mentoring and networking offered. The program will include an 11-month curriculum with monthly workshops being taught by experts. Once the program is completed, IIDA requires the class of Emerging Leaders to join an IIDA committee in their City Center the following year.

Mentorship Program 

Launched in 2020, the Mentorship Program will pair senior leaders with junior designers for six months via monthly one-on-one meetings. Meetings may include coffee breaks, project walks or attending a business development event together —dependent upon what the mentee and mentor decide upon. The goals are to provide a more personalized mentoring opportunity for designers, connect the community and elevate skills.

IIDA SoCal offers CEU programs throughout the year.


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