The Conversation Continues with IIDA EDI

IIDA EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) seeks to create a more diverse industry for our future. We explore how to break glass ceilings, show that all voices matter, and explore a world where we can grow, learn, and make impactful change in our design industry. Our hope is to dialogue together, in a safe environment, about EDI in our industry, to promote meaningful, healthy, and effective transformations on how we practice and create interior design. The Conversation Continues podcast was created to serve as a platform to continue the conversation around Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in commercial interior design and affiliated industries. Each episode brings an intimate and thought-provoking conversation around EDI highlighting individuals from our industry. Come join us, and let’s continue the conversation!

Beyond Words

Take the Road Less Traveled with Jade Li
For the first episode of the Beyond Words Series, we invited Jade Li, our current President of the IIDA Southern California Chapter to share her personal stories. (Fun fact, Jade is the first AAPI President elected for IIDA Southern California)

Don’t be Afraid to Fail with Von Dominguez
For the second episode of the Beyond Words series, we invited Von Dominguez – interior designer, architect and full-time professor at Cal State Long Beach.

Fireside Chats

This is the trailer to explain the series called Fireside Chats. This is an educational series about advocacy and legislative efforts in California. It will cover how you can learn more about what advocacy in our industry is, how important it is for everyone to be involved and how you can help make a difference.

The History of Legislation in California with Susanne Molina
Curious about the history of Interior Design in the State of California? Wondering why we need to advocate for our profession? Well, join us in this episode as we dive into the nitty gritty and interview Susanne Molina, FIIDA, CID, LEED AP about past, present, and future efforts to establish legislation for Interior Design. Tune in to Episode 1 of Fireside Chats!

Living Your Truth

“Living Your Truth” with Chidimma Abuka
In our first episode of Living your Truth we invited Chidimma Abuka who is Strategist at Gensler Orange County. Join us for the inspiring conversation of what keeps Chidimma moving and thriving, and how adversity has lead her to pursue her passions in life. You won’t want to miss it.

Open Mic

Let’s Talk Student Design Competitions with Charlene Reed
In this first episode of our series Open Mic we have Charlene Reed, the Interior Design program coordinator at Orange Coast College. She shares some insight on how a student design competition works.

Unspoken Words

“Ageism: Finding Common Ground” with Allyn Martin
Welcome to our first episode of our new “Unspoken Words” series! We had the pleasure of hosting Allyn Martin, the brilliant Learning Strategy & Experience Manager at Patcraft and Shaw Contract. Allyn’s special role involves fearlessly delving into difficult yet crucial topics that need to be understood. In this engaging episode, we explore the evolving workplace with diverse generations coexisting. How do these distinct generations come together as a cohesive team? Join us as we fearlessly confront the deep-rooted issue of Ageism in the workplace and seek to foster an inclusive and united workforce. Let’s unravel the layers of Ageism together and find common ground in this enriching conversation!

This episode was sponsored by: Patcraft, 3form, Formica, PLP, Pallas Textiles and Crossville.

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Skill Set with Cheryl Durst

What are the skills that inform your work, your life, your direction? Call them street smarts, emotional intelligence, soft skills, or pure grit: beyond the degrees, certifications, and resume items lies a different — perhaps more important — world of abilities. These are the skills that truly make us good at what we do, and offer clues to who we are and where we might be headed.

Host Cheryl Durst, Executive VP, and CEO of IIDA has spent a lifetime fascinated by the backstories that reveal where those foundational skills come from.

With @skillsetpodcast, she taps into those stories to uncover the not-so-apparent abilities that power success.

Ever wonder what a NASCAR pit crew chief, an orchestra conductor and a surgeon have in common? Pondering how to tap your team’s hidden talents? Considering whether your own skills might equip you for a whole other career (or a whole other life)? SkillSet explores the fascinating landscape of talent, creativity, and ability through a lens that’s set to “wide-open and deeply curious.”

Come join us — and discover your own SkillSet along the way.

This podcast series is sponsored by OFS Brands – Imagine a Place.

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