10 Questions with Jaclyn Giuliano

Jaclyn Giuliano, IIDA, A&D Associate at Herman Miller

What is your favorite iconic chair:
Working with furniture has definitely given me a chance to see some beautiful designs. My favorite has to be the timeless Eames Molded Plastic Chair. It’s recognizable, comfortable, and minimal, plus it was the first piece of Herman Miller furniture I purchased for myself so it always makes me happy to see at home.

What is your favorite California destination:
I feel like there are so many to choose and I love discovering new places so it’s hard to pinpoint one. I grew up near Pasadena so I was able to take many trips to Huntington Gardens. It’s still a place I go when I want to clear my head, take a little break in the weekend, and sketch out a few ideas.

What is your favorite color:
Unknowingly I find myself always gravitating towards yellow things. Whether it is for my house, my clothes, or the flowers I choose. My wedding even had a yellow theme.

What is your go-to outfit:
I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a pair of black skinny jeans in my closet. Finish it off with a pair of ballet flats and something with polka dots and you can spot me.

Where would we find you on the weekend:
I’ve been trying to hike more so you could probably find me on a trail near the beach, but lately I’ve been walking around my new neighborhood checking out the places that have opened up recently.

Gold or silver:
Definitely both. As long as the jewelry is delicate and minimal I’ll go for it. Plus when it’s made with a precious metal I really can’t turn down either.

Beer or wine:
I’m definitely a fan of wine and love finding new bottles, but living in Michigan made me a bit of a beer snob with all of the craft brewing so I would have to say both.

Beach or mountains:
Mountains, there are just so many options from camping, to hiking, to picnicking.

Online or print magazines:
I seem to be saying both for most things, but this is where I definitely say both without hesitation. I’ve collected a handful of my favorite printed issues that I just can’t throw away and that I’ll tear out for inspiration, but for ease and portability I like have them online.

Open or private offices:
Open, I like being able to easily talk to someone. It makes the day more productive and enjoyable too.

I am a California native who fostered a fne arts and design enthusiasm while attending USC’s Roski School of Fine Arts. After graduating I continued my art path by working for a Los Angeles art gallery followed by an art consulting firm. A move to Ann Arbor, Michigan took me away from the sunny weather of my home and gave me a good dose of those famous Midwest winters. Michigan is also where I was introduced to the furniture industry where I worked with the design and marketing team of an Ann Arbor/Grand Rapids manufacturer. Moving back to California allowed me to stay in the industry where I continue to grow my enthusiasm for design. When I’m not working you can find me hiking with my husband or discovering new restaurants and events in LA.

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Jaclyn Giuliano, Herman Miller & Jolene Ballard, HBF

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