10 Questions with Jay Shuster

What is your favorite iconic chair: 
The chair I sat for hours on building models and pondering objects and how they worked. 1950 Cosco Kitchen step stool. Pale Yellow and chrome.

What is your favorite California destination: 
Big Sur coastline

What is your favorite color: 
Taliesin red

What is your go-to outfit: 
Jeans and a t-shirt

Where would we find you on the weekend: 
Taking the house apart, putting it back together.

Gold or Silver: 
Ancient/ ship-wrecked Silver: varying polish and matte/ pitted by salt.

Beer or Wine: 
Recently, beer. Stay tuned.

Beach or Mountains: 
Both are freedom; a secret beach with 320 SPF is preferable.

Online or Print Magazines: 
Online. Except for MOJO music mag.

Open or Private Offices:
Private. I need my space.

Jay Shuster joined Pixar Animation Studios in September 2002 as a concept designer on the Golden Globe®-winning “Cars,” where he translated the ideas of director John Lasseter into characters and environments for the film. Shuster went on to work as a character designer on the Academy Award® winning feature “WALL•E,” and a character art director for Disney•Pixar’s 2011 release, “Cars 2.”

Jay will be speaking at this year’s Leader’s Breakfast held on September 20th. Make sure to buy your tickets to the event here.

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