10 Questions with Jenneffer Burgos

Jenneffer Burgos, IIDA, LEED AP, Wolcott

I’m a native Angelino, born and raised in LA. I majored in Interior Design at FIDM and Interior Architecture at Woodbury University in 2004. I’ve worked for a couple of architectural companies and have gained experience in different aspects of design from residential, educational to corporate. And as much as I appreciate and respect architecture I had a want to get back to my main passion which is interior design. Now that I’m working in an interior design company it has been a great learning experience and I feel that I’m constantly growing. In the future I would like to find an integration between architecture and interior design, whatever that may be, we will see.

What is your favorite iconic chair:
The Tulip Armchair by Eero Saarinen has always been a favorite of mine. I’m fascinated with the organic simplicity of it. It screams retro and chic to me and I must have it!

What is your favorite California destination:
Hands down, Big Sur! It’s the best place to go when you want to get away and surround yourself with nature. It’s one of the most beautiful sites in California and the lack of reception forces you to explore it’s sites and go for hikes.

What is your favorite color:
Sea Foam Green has been my favorite color since I was 11 and nothing else has been able to top it….except maybe avocado green, which has come close but has not yet been triumphant.

What is your go-to outfit:
Any dress from the Mad Men collection. That with my favorite Tiffany light blue earrings and I’m ready to roll.

Where would we find you on the weekend:
Typically I like to go to Venice Beach early in the morning before the crowds hit for a walk or breakfast then Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica for my grocery shopping. Henessey & Ingalls bookstore is also a favorite place of mine.

Gold or Silver:
I’ve always tended to go for silver but I’m slowly inching my way towards gold. Gold colored tones seem to be catching my eye more often these days.

Beer or Wine:
Wine please! and make it rouge and French….if possible.

Beach or Mountains:
Both are great but for different reasons. Mountains are preferred when I’m in a physical mood and beach is for lounging and since I do carry the lazy gene I think I will scoot more towards the beach side.

Online or Print Magazines:
I wish I could do online but I love print too much. I love being able to have something in my hands and have the flexibility to dog ear pages or to tear the sheets and/ or designs that inspire me.

Open or Private Offices:
Open, if well designed.

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