10 Questions with Jolene Ballard

Jolene Ballard, IIDA, CID, LEED AP, A+D Representative at HBF

What is your favorite iconic chair:
Carl Hansen, Wishbone. In a natural finish. The hand crafted quality of the chair, plus a woven papercord seat and bent wood. Now that is quality construction at its finest. And, it is still being produced the same way today. Having Danish roots also makes this a personal fav.

What is your favorite California destination:
Sonoma County. Wine, cheese, rolling hills and amazing people.

What is your favorite color:
Blue. My bedroom when I was born was painted a light blue, and I kept it that way until high school. Maybe my parents wanted a boy? Worked out in the end, I suppose.

What is your go-to outfit:
Black. I actually call wearing all black my uniform. It’s easy, quick and you can wear it every other day in the design world. Popping some leopard shoes makes it complete.

Where would we find you on the weekend:
Walking in my neighborhood. Living in the historic Miracle Mile district in LA has made me really happy to have moved back to Southern California. Even though nobody walks in LA, I’m trying to be the change.

Gold or Silver:
Gold. Hands down.

Beer or Wine:
In my 20’s, it was beer.
In my 30’s, it’s both.

Beach or Mountains:
Beach. Although I never really go to either. Thanks, Pinterest.

Online or Print Magazines:
Both. I find that online magazines are really helping out my Pinterest boards while print magazines are great props in my living room. They both have great designs and inspiration, so I love having options.

Open or Private Offices:
Open. I find being amongst peers is the best way to collaborate on projects. Though, when I need to make that dentist appointment, I typically head into a more private setting.

Jolene Ballard graduated with a BFA in interior design from Iowa State University. Go cyclones. She moved to Southern California shortly after and entered the design world working for Gensler in Newport Beach. After a great ride there, she went to a hospitality design firm, to sales, back to design. She is currently working as an A+D Manager for HBF and HBF Textiles. She lives in LA with her boyfriend.

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