10 Questions with Taleen Badawi

Taleen Badawi, Student IIDA, California State University Long Beach

What is your favorite iconic chair:
I would probably have to say the Bird Lounge Chair by Knoll. I got to sit on one of them during a field trip for a finished project done by Wolcott Architecture & Interiors. I really wish I could have taken the chair home.

What is your favorite California destination:
I don’t really have a favorite California destination, but if you asked me what my favorite US destination was, it most definitely would be Las Vegas, Nevada. The pretty lights, entertainment, food, and hospitality amazes me every time I visit. My family and I love to visit Vegas frequently and there is always something new in store for me to see. Vegas is quite the city for Design. Hopefully someday I can work on a hospitality design project.

What is your favorite color:
Orange is my favorite color. I’ve experimented colors all my life and just recently I’ve realized orange is My color. It looks good on me, I love the smell of it, and eating an orange is always fun too.

What is your go-to outfit:
Love wearing my Kedds. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever sunk my feet into. Blue jeans and a tank top is usually what I like to wear. I have many different outfits, but I usually pull off a good sporty look.

Where would we find you on the weekend:
I usually am at home working on a project for school, or building something in the backyard. Weekend on my spare time, I enjoy my family because during the week it is so hard to unite.

Gold or Silver:
I do love both. When it comes to jewelry, it really depends on what I’m wearing and if I can match it to my outfit.

Beer or Wine:
White wine is a definite favorite, but I also love Lebanese beer called Almaza. It is very tasty and it is usually served in middleastern restaurants.

Beach or Mountains:
The beach is always a place to be. Laying out under the sun is always so relaxing with the beach breeze skimming your body. Us designers need that type of relaxation when it gets to painful at work and school.

Online or Print Magazines:
I love to look through print magazines. I don’t think I could ever get annoyed or sick of it. Especially working on projects its so easy to rip off what I like and add it my collection box of favorites. Just recently I got the Samsung tablet and using the houzz app is just too convenient.

Open or Private Offices:
Open offices are way more fun. You want to see everyone else working, talking, and really getting into the feel of what an office environment is all about. Fewer walls will grant you more freedom and less boredom.

I’ve been so blessed to have had the experience to work closely with 23 amazing designers at Cal State University Long Beach. Over the past 6 months 24 of us from the design program decided to go up for portfolio review 2013. We started out with 31 and we ended up with 24 which we will then continue to move on and grow together as designers. It has been my goal and dream to study Interior Design, and now that I have finally entered the road, it feels amazing. All the hard work, dedication, compassion for design payed off, and it truly has been an amazing journey. I am so grateful for my design family, because without our love and support for one another through the most challenging time in our lives, we wouldn’t have made it this far in the program. My dream has came true in design, to work with such incredible classmates and instructors and also for making it in the B.F.A program. At this point in my life, I can’t wait to graduate and start my career in the real professional world.

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