2022 IIDA Member Demographic Survey

Learn more about IIDA members locally, regionally, and nationally!

In our inaugural demographic survey of IIDA’s design community, we are establishing who we are today and identifying key learnings that impact our future.

We’ve crunched the numbers, studied the data, and pulled together a report that looks not only at who we are, but where we are headed. This inaugural benchmark offers:

  • A snapshot of the IIDA community that reveals regional and generational trends
  • Data that points to actions we can take now to build the industry’s future
  • Insights on leadership, equity, and key challenges facing design firms

The full report, plus an interactive search tool are available free — just for being an IIDA member! Dive in now, and look to the future of design with information that challenges and helps define our community, and the road ahead.

Click here to access the Survey.

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