A Simple Idea That Became The Calibre Awards

Planning the 24th Calibre Awards is well underway and it seems an appropriate time to tell the story of the beginnings and why, in 2012, we are posthumously honoring Ray Anderson, founder and Chairman of Interface Inc. and noted environmentalist.

It started as a simple idea scribbled on a napkin at Kate Mantelini by two enthusiastic IBD (predecessor of IIDA) Board Members – to raise money and honor related companies who directly contribute to the project’s design excellence.  The idea gained momentum and the Calibre Awards was officially born. What started as a 400-person event to anchor WestWeek at the PDC, has grown into a nationally recognized event annually hosting 1000 members of our design community.

With the success of the early Calibre Awards, it became apparent that the program was beginning to have an influence on the industry and the future of design. With this recognition came responsibility and the decision for proceeds from fundraising efforts to be used to endow a scholarship fund, recognizing exceptional students representing the future of quality design. We are proud to watch some of our original recipients as they grow and mentor some of today’s
scholarship winners.

The Calibre Awards has stood the test of time. It weathered a myriad of design trends with the economic doldrums of the early 90’s nearly wiping it out. With a caveat to create an Environmental Award, Ray Anderson financially rescued Calibre. Now, sustainability is a part of our normal design and business practice.

This year there is no Calibre Environmental Award. Instead, we choose to celebrate Ray Anderson, the man who gave us the ability to continue and strengthen the Calibre Awards program.

The Calibre Awards will be held Friday, May 11, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel.

Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to purchase tickets to the event.

Hilary Luckenbaugh,  Affiliate IIDA
Environmental Contracting Corporation

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