IIDA Partners with Woodbury University to Present: Beyond the Assignment: Defining Photographs of Architecture and Design

©Peter Aaron/ OTTO; Villa dall'Ava by Rem Koolhaas, Paris 1991

The Julius Shulman Institute at Woodbury University presents Beyond the Assignment: Defining Photographs of Architecture and Design at WUHO (Woodbury University Hollywood) Gallery. The exhibition runs from Saturday, October 5 through Friday, November 1, with a public reception on Saturday, October 5.

© Paul Warchol; Newly excavated tombs at Giza, Egypt 1990. Shot for Condé Nast Traveler.

Curated by photographer Bilyana Dimitrova, Beyond the Assignment: Defining Photographs of Architecture and Design examines the work of ten of today’s leading architectural photographers in the United States who respond to the image making legacy of their predecessors, such as Julius Shulman and Ezra Stoller, while also challenging our basic understanding of architectural photography as a practice.

These photographers pursue innovative ways to create indelible images that make their subjects unforgettable. By expertly documenting and artfully interpreting the built environment, these artists provide a critical contribution to the history of photography, mass media, and the architecture profession.

Beyond the Assignment takes a long-overdue look at the way architectural photographers use visual storytelling, technical precision, and a unique visual sensibility to shape the way we see the built environment. These photographers move “beyond the assignment” and help immortalize today’s architecture and design.

The exhibition features the individual artists who are often hidden behind the projects that they document, including:

Peter Aaron, Esto Photographics Inc., NY, NY
Jon Miller, Hedrich Blessing, Chicago, IL
Bilyana Dimitrova, Jersey City, NJ
Undine Pröhl, Los Angeles, CA
Joe Fletcher, Oakland, CA
Tim Street-Porter, Los Angeles, CA
Timothy Hursley, Little Rock, AR
Lara Swimmer, Seattle, WA
Alan Karchmer, Washington, DC
Paul Warchol, NY, NY

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