Building Bridges Between IIDA Designers, Industry Partners & CSULB Students

Who better to design our informal learning spaces but students themselves?  We are pleased to have our Junior Interior Design Studio embarking on a campus project to remodel an existing academic corridor.    Nine student teams, from Professor Ottolia’s class at CSULB, have an opportunity to research, plan and design an informal learning space from a student’s perspective.  This wide passage way is the perfect in-between space for socializing, teaching, learning and collaboration.  It serves as a major corridor from the College of the Arts Offices (to the south), to the Beach Hut (to the north) and the Library (in the west).

Existing informal learning space from one end of the corridor.

Existing informal learning space from the other end of the corridor.











The project description is to redesign the corridor to provide a place where students can socialize and study.  It should be a place that inspires collaboration and creativity, as well as, where students and faculty can gather before and after class.  The project goal being to develop a design solution with a strong connection to the exterior areas and entryways: the Quad, Beach Hut, MacIntosh and Education Buildings.

As students, we find that informal places outside the classroom are great places to collaborate with classmates and faculty.  The informality of certain spaces is ideal for teaching and mentoring and an alternative for students who would usually head home after class or to the library.  With comfortable seating, places to spread out their work and electrical outlets for mobile devices, individuals, pairs, small groups and teams can begin and extend their classroom conversations.

Stay tuned for the next phase of our project, following the research…..

Pamela B. Neiman, IIDA, CID
Neiman Studio
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