Calibre Awards Judging Process Through Words & Visuals

The 2012 Calibre Awards Judges at the Herman Miller Showroom

I have been a part of the Calibre Awards committee for a few years now. Year after year I am impressed by the many people and projects that make up our design community. The number of submissions has increased overall, telling us that perhaps our industry is perking up!  The quality of submissions were some of the best we’ve seen from our around our region. In fact, our entrants really stepped up the written portion this year, which completely impressed the judges.

Every year, the Calibre Awards team looks to refine and polish the quality of the awards, and searches for ways on how we can raise the bar on the judging process.  For the first time ever, we brought together 5 principals and senior designers from Chapters around the nation to Los Angeles for the final judging round (in years past, we selected only one outside Chapter to do all the judging). Having 5 perspectives from around the country not only was so much more engaging, but it was energizing to watch the judges in action.

The Calibre Awards judging process is based on both words and visuals. The judges base 60% of their points on the written statements of the nomination, and 40% on the images that illustrate the written portion. Through a secure submission numbering process, entries remain anonymous throughout the entire judging procedure. In this two-part judging system – with the same 5 judges both rounds – the first round is entirely electronic with a two-week review period for the judges to make their top choice selections. In preparation of the final round of judging, top choices were consolidated and the field narrowed identifying those submissions that received the highest scores from all of the judges. During the final in-person round, judges reviewed the top scoring submissions in each category, and for the first time, are presented with the entry images.  Finally, the judges collectively selected Calibre Award winners.

Then onto to the gala! A third-party production company for the evening’s presentation assembles the final judging details; but, most importantly, anonymity of the winners is maintained until the night of the Calibre Awards Gala.

Join us this year to see a Southern California Tradition come to life and see who emerges as the winners!  Calibre Awards Gala, Friday, May 11, 2012.

Catherine Minervini, Assoc. IIDA,
Green Owl Studio

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