[CEU] Epic Fail: The Problem with Moisture & Flooring

Join IIDA SoCal and CIR virtually as they host “Epic Fail: The Problem with Moisture & Flooring” CEU. This presentation will shed some light on why flooring failures occur when too much moisture is present and the steps that can be taken to prevent or correct these issues.

Although concrete moisture is not the most exciting topic, it is a very relevant and costly problem our industry faces far too often. Commercial Property Owners spend an estimated $2.4 billion dollars per year on the remediation of structures and floor coverings that have failed due to moisture. And another $1.2 billion dollars is spent annually on topical moisture treatments to address moisture issues prior to installing floor covering…some of which, unfortunately, don’t even solve the problem. No client wants to be told at the last hour that their building has a moisture problem that is preventing their flooring from being installed on time and/or on budget. And even worse, nobody wants to witness a flooring failure down the line because the necessary precautions were not taken.

Join us live as we provide the steps that can be taken during initial project planning to prevent moisture-related flooring problems or to adequately plan and budget for those that do require mitigation.

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