Changemakers On: Education

Changemakers On: Education

Our very own VP EDI, Christine Peter, Ind. IIDA, was featured in an article on DIRTT Insights. She was one of three changemakers interviewed for their perspective on the future of the Education industry.

Education should teach, but more than that, it should challenge us to think and grow. Our three changemakers shared where they see the need for education to change in order to better prepare our industries for the challenges ahead.

One changemaker spoke about the need to break out of traditional approaches to design and industrial construction, especially in the education space. Another told us that facilitating meaningful change with diversity, equity, and inclusion means embedding it in our education systems. The third spoke about how the growing demand for sustainable buildings will require teaching to transform.

To be prepared for the short-term needs of projects and the long-term hopes for industry, it’s clear the education of the next generation needs to evolve.

This article originally appeared in DIRTT Insights. Click here to read the full article.

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