As a gal passionate about fashion, sparkle and all things slightly ostentatious, the inclusion of color in specific, deliberate usage is without question a personal favorite of mine. I eagerly await Fashion Week, spend hours reading photography blogs and am a true sucker for packaging with strong, visual punch. For me, hue and its varying intensity is the first thing I notice everywhere I go.

As an interior designer, color is my inspiration. I love the addition of color within an interior, whether accenting an architectural feature, showcasing a vibrant art installation or enhancing a client’s branding. Color has the ability to radically transform a space from dull to daring, bland to bold.

Most importantly, the inclusion of color (or lack there of) greatly impacts the spatial experience. The use of the right color combination can make us feel comfortable in the otherwise uncomfortable environments; changing our mood and subconsciously reacting to a new surrounding just as it was intended.

Kayla Rodd, Designer, LEED AP
Rottet Studio
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