OC City Center – Desk Talk with Melissa Wehrberg


Meet Melissa Wehrberg from Ware Malcomb! She is our Co-Director on the IIDA OC City Center local board. We asked her a few questions and here are her answers:

What are your favorite places to visit in the OC?

My absolutely favorite places to go in Orange County are Disneyland (hey, we all need to be a kid sometimes), and the boardwalk in Newport. I love walking it or riding my bike and taking in the sea air; it’s my happy place.

What do you love about architecture?

The acute attention to detail; knowing that someone took hours, weeks, months, maybe even years of their life to create this incredible form for all of us to take in, dissect and enjoy.

If you could design for any product line, which would it be?

Urban Decay! I absolutely love make-up and I think it would be so incredible to be a color creator and form color palettes that can transform the way people look and feel about themselves. Plus, how fun to come up with the names!?!

What is the wildest thing you did during school?

Hahaha! Are we talking through high school or until I graduated 3 years ago? This could be dangerous! Let’s go with high school: I used to sneak off campus with my friend Jason; we’d drive around in my yellow jeep smoking cigarettes when we were supposed to be in Honors AP IB English 4. With a name like that, you’d want to ditch too! Brothers Karamazov? Ya, I don’t do Russian Lit. because of that book.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Probably lengua (cow tongue) or uni (sea urchin). I don’t think they’re that crazy because I like them, but I guess a lot of people aren’t fans. But hey, just the fact that I’m eating meat these days is crazy, after 8 years of being a pesceterian!

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Jenny Diaz, CID, RDI Assoc., IIDA Assoc.
IIDA OC City Center – Communications Chair

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