Desk Talk with Denise Colestock


Meet Denise Colestock!

Denise works for Milliken as the local San Diego sales representative and is also our local IIDA Advocacy Chair for San Diego City Center. She enjoys her job and enjoys her little life companion, her son.

Denise has been with Milliken for 8 months, she is passionate about sustainable design which allows her to enjoy her job even more! Milliken is very well known for their amazing carpet but the company is roughly 25% carpet. She continued by sharing a couple items that Milliken invented and in her words, to help us put it in perspective, “You touch Milliken at least 50 times a day”. Amazing!

1. What 5 things inspire you the most right now?

· Driving with music off. It allows Denise to get in her head and get profound ideas.
· Nature
· Hot Yoga
· Weekly Pinterest
· Architecture imagery

2. What does your typical day look like?

Every day is different. Denise wakes up at 5:00 am to prep for the day. She then drops off her son atschool, visits A&D firms and end-users…then like most of us, emails, emails, emails!! “None of this happens in a specific order, except my son, he’s consistent!”

3. Online or print magazines?

“Print!” Denise reads Yoga Journal and Runners Journal. She absolutely enjoys the smell of a hard copy book/magazine over an article online. “The older the book, the better it smells”

4. Where would we find you on the weekend?

“Yoga studio, paddle boarding or at the beach”… We love San Diego too Denise!

5. What is your go to outfit?

“Yoga Pants!” (Not all black? OK we get it… who doesn’t love yoga!)

Tanya Villalpando

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