Desk Talk with Jangmee Hooper


Meet Jangmee Hooper! She is our IIDA Community Outreach Chair for San Diego City Center and is the Business Development Manager at Kwalu Furniture.

Jangmee is an Interior Design graduate from Virginia Tech. She spent 10 years as a designer in the Corporate/Industrial Atlanta Market. “I’ve always been driven into design and pursued my NCIDQ and LEED AP early in my career to grow as a designer and advocate to others. I found that I enjoyed learning new aspects of the design world and sharing it with people” – Jangmee

She later decided to take her career into a different direction and go into sales with the goal of sharing products from a designer’s perspective. “I wanted to be inspired by products that truly change design, products such as ergonomics and healthcare solutions which go beyond an aesthetic purpose.”

Jangmee is now with Kwalu. She shares that it has been incredible sharing stories about their HC designers/Industry and the challenges they face while creating an aesthetic and functional/safe/healthy environment. “Which really embraces the differences that an interior designer is not the same as an interior decorator”, she states.

Outside of the design world, here is a couple more fun facts about Jangmee Hooper!

Q: What is your favorite California destination?
A: “Santa Monica. I love FOOD and good libations, plus the architecture and culture is so invigorating”

Q: Where would we find you on the weekend?
A: “Spending time with our three fluffy dogs (all rescued, Golden Mix, Border-Collie Mix, and English Setter-Mix) and my husband, volunteering, spending time with my local Hokie Alumni, renovating our home (I’m really good with drywall now), or finding something new and exciting to do in or out of town.”

Q: Beach or Mountain?
A: Mountain. I definitely enjoy a mountain with a nice lake to relax in or covered in snow for some good skiing”

Q: What is your go to outfit?
A: “Easy. Dress, cardigan and heels. Much easier and more comfortable to toss on a dress to make you feel better for the day (probably not the heels, but I’m short so I like the extra height)”

Q: Beer or Wine?
A: “I’m a bourbon girl. On the rocks, neat or fancied up in an Old Fashioned”

Thank you Jangmee for sharing your role in the design industry and some additional fun facts. I have to say, I am with you on the heels, additional height is always nice!

Tanya Villalpando, IIDA

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