Designing for a Brave New World 10.08.20

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Please join us for a Zoom webinar – Designing for a Brave New World: The Invisible Impact of Design.

Moderator: Melissa Steach, Ph. D., I-O Psychology, Workplace Wellbeing Knowledge Lead for Herman Miller


Jessica Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at IWBI

Sarah Crutchfield, Store Design Manager for Starbucks

Casscia Murray, Project Designer at PACIFIC 33 Architects

Riz Walker, LA Studio Leader at Blitz


As an industry, we tend to focus on that which is seen. However, the most significant impact of our efforts is arguable invisible. Join us for a panel discussion with thought leaders from retail, wellness, healthcare and corporate interior design about the psychological component of designing spaces that work.


This event is free for all. PLEASE REGISTER HERE.


This event has ended.