Designer Roundtable: Inclusivity & Diversity – Designers – 9.1.20

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Please join us in an interactive Q&A with your peers to share insights, ideas and concerns about inclusivity and diversity in the interior design community. We want to hear and learn how this has affected you within our industry, while we determine how we can contribute to the change that is needed.
Christine Peter, Ind. IIDA, VP Advocacy, Southern California Chapter
Sarah McNally, Ind. IIDA, VP City Centers, Southern California Chapter
Laura Taylor, Assoc. IIDA, VP Advocacy, Northern California Chapter
Guest Moderator:
Cheryl Durst, Hon. FIIDA, Executive Vice President & CEO, IIDA


Letter from the IIDA Southern California Board of Directors on Social Responsibility

“Events of the past centuries, the past decades, and most recently in past weeks and days have painfully and plainly illuminated the disparities inherent in our culture and society. We are at a pivotal moment where we must face great societal challenges that will not be repaired without a great collective effort. Confronting racism, injustice, and a need for equity is critical to moving forward, and current events expose how much work needs to be done for us all to really ‘be in this together.’ We know that design is but one small part of that larger equation—so why not start with the change we can most immediately affect?”

– Cheryl Durst, Hon FIIDA, EVP/CEO IIDA…in a letter to IIDA Membership on June 2, 2020.

These powerful words from IIDA’s Executive Vice President/CEO regarding current events around the country have compelled the IIDA Southern California Chapter to seek to be the change we want to see in the world and WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is the time to be resilient, not malleable; vigilant, not complacent; outspoken, not silent.


We’ve put together a series of virtual roundtable discussions for you to share your insights, ideas, and concerns about inclusivity and social responsibility. We want your input and urge you to join the conversation.


This event has ended.