Turning Point: The Art of Interaction 11.10.22

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Topic: The Art of Interaction – Connecting the Invisible Dots . . .

Join the IIDA SoCal Professional Development team on Thursday, November 10th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm for Turning Point – a pivotal moment for change. Our brain and the built environment are in a powerful relationship. Discover the Art of Interaction, Neuroscience, and Architecture. Understand the benefits, power, and influence of the human brain and the environment. Discover the benefits of Design Thinking. This is a must-attend, brain-booster conversation.


  • The Art of Interaction – External Peek – What are the brain benefits of design that make us smarter? 
  • The Art of Interaction – Internal Peek – Which natural brain hormone chemicals and activities increase Happiness and Productivity. How do we tap into this D.O.S.E? 
  • The Art of Interaction – What do Artificial Intelligence and Professional Magicians know about the human brain’s blind spots, and how can creative professionals benefit from this?

Richard T. Fleming, Neuro-Architect

​For over 25 years Richard has been delivering dynamic designs that consider ALL of our human senses. Humans crave complete sensory spaces places that offer a complete sensory experience.; We are drawn towards people, places, and things that inspire, restore, and give us happiness. Richard’s dual perspective in Neuroscience and Architecture built his unique expertise as the Cognitive Architect and innovator in Neuro-Architecture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AlMed). Richard is a co-founder of IntelliTwin, Intelligence in Healthcare and Information Technology.


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