Fall Speakers Series Event – November!

Our Psychological Design Connection to the Built and Natural Environments: A New Marketing Niche for your Firm and Healthier Lives for your Clients.

Increasing research from a variety of fields, including Evidence Based Design and Environmental Psychology, proves that design affects us physically and psychologically: our health, and ability to handle stress and pain. By understanding that people instinctively respond to their built environments the same way our ancestors responded to their natural environments, we can also design with our clients’ performance objectives in mind (like productivity, creativity and staff retention) giving firms with this knowledge a new marketing niche. Our designs will be Psychologically Sustainable since projects that reinforce positive behavioral outcomes are less likely to be demolished. This seminar will describe four design principles derived from our relationship with nature that designers can apply to all project types to promote positive health and business outcomes for their clients and end-users.


Participants will be able to:

1. Describe how occupants experience a psychological connection to the built environment that can affect their health, stress, pain, productivity and mental development

2. Apply four instinct-based design principles based upon the patterns and relationships found in nature that will reduce stress and help create positive health outcomes for building occupants in all project types.

3. Find easily available online data from scientific disciplines including Environmental Psychology and Evidence Based Design that will add to their knowledge about designing psychologically sustainable buildings.
4. Change their design perspective from a Creative Innovation-Based Perspective to a User-Based Perspective in order to improve the quality of life for building occupants


Barbara Lyons Stewart AIA, M.Arch, EDAC Speaker This November

Barbara Lyons Stewart AIA, M.Arch, EDAC
Architect / Architectural Design Psychology Consultant

Productivity, Comfort & Healing through Architecture

Barbara Lyons Stewart, AIA, M.Arch, EDAC is an Architect, Interior Designer and published author with a specialty in both ancient and modern forms of environmental psychology, ranging from Feng Shui to Evidence Based Design. She spent more than 25 years with firms like SOM and her own firm Lyons Stewart Architects, working with clients including KGO/ABC Television, Wild Planet Toys and The Republic of Tea before applying her multi-cultural research as an Architectural Design Psychology Consultant to healthcare organizations and design firms like Kaiser Permanente and Ellerbe/AECOM. Barbara has received and juried AIA award programs and was an Advisory Board Member at the University of Minnesota College of Design. Her many speaking engagements include the AIA National Conventions in 2006, 2007 & 2012, and the Healthcare Design Conference in 2011.

Annette WileyAIA, IIDA, LEED AP
Wiley Architects
For more information visit our calendar – LA 11/13, OC 11/14 and SD 11/15. Don’t miss this event!


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