Fresh Gossip from the Hollywood Backlot

Fresh Gossip from the Hollywood Backlot: Cory Grosser & Associates is Primed for Victory in the Musical Category!

Unscrupulous Hollywood gossip monger Nicole Gemma corners a busy Christy Wulfson of Cory Grosser & Associates to get the skinny on competing in “ENVELOPE, PLEASE!”

Wulfson (far right) with her team.  Their film genre is MUSICAL.

Wulfson (far right) with her team.  Their film genre is MUSICAL.

GEMMA: “Christy!  Christy Wulfson!  Do you have a moment to talk to IIDA-Socal Gossip?”

WULFSON: “Not really, I’m on a deadline.”

GEMMA: “SMASHING!  Tell our gossip readers – what excited you most about this year’s theme, ENVELOPE, PLEASE?”

WULFSON: “Personally, I was excited about the theme being a genre, as opposed to a specific movie—lots of options. Have a great day.”

GEMMA: “Not so fast, Christy!  Inquiring IIDA Minds want to know – how are you using this year’s new competition structure to motivate your design?”

WULFSON: “I would say knowing that other teams have been assigned the same genre motivated us to be extra sure to do something super original—it would suck so much to have the same concept as the other team!  Can I say “suck”?

GEMMA: “Absolutely not!  Tell our readers, Christy, what is your favorite film of all time?”

WULFSON: “Moulin Rouge!  Which is in our genre!!  But I was totally outvoted so no Elephant Love Medley from CG+A this year.  OK, take care!”

GEMMA: “I will….AFTER you tell our readers what your biggest challenge has been thus far!”

WULFSON: “Narrowing down our ideas and maintaining a clear concept.  There are so many musicals to choose from.  Oh, and then finally making a decision and discovering that our chosen movie (NO SPOILERS!) is actually a tragedy and not a happy-ending love-fest.  We were all devastated.”

GEMMA: “RIVETING, CHRISTY!  Last question: if you could give an award-winning speech, whom would you thank?”

WULFSON: “My team, who has never participated in Haunt before and had no clue what I was really getting them into when we signed up!  Now I really really have to go.”

GEMMA: “You’re a STAR, Christy!  See you on the runway!”


Cory Grosser & Associates is proudly sponsored by HAWORTH with textiles by ARC COM.

Haunt Couture is a place where we project our dreams, fashion and desires onto the widescreen.

For the last century, the icons of celluloid have amused, amazed and thrilled us. This year’s theme will transport us to faraway lands and back in a flash with music and costumes! The team with the best story-line, choreography and performance will bring home the trophy and bragging rights! Hit your marks and be ready for “lights, camera, action!”


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