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To gear up for this year’s Leaders Breakfast we had a chance to talk to the keynote speaker, Jonathan Perelman about the startup world, his weekend activities, and what makes a good partner. We are also excited to announce that Jonathan has taken a new role as the digital head at ICM Partners.

1. How has the tech startup world changed over the past year, 5 years, or more?

The tech start up world is always changing. It’s interesting to look how quickly the business is innovating and changing. Many of the most successful companies today weren’t around 5 years ago (Snapchat as an example). Look at Uber, it’s changing the world in so many ways… I was at the farmers market a few weeks ago and saw someone demonstrating a new app ‘Uber for dog walking’!

2. How do you see the world of animated GIF’s and online videos changing in the coming years?

I think we have only seen the start of the online video revolution. With internet speeds getting faster, the proliferation of mobile viewing, video will only expand. I think we’ll see it grow in the shorter than short form (6 to 15 seconds) space all the way to feature length films released online. Creators will have more creative outlets and platforms to play with. Anyone with an idea and a camera on their phone can become a filmmaker.

3. You’ve been described as one of the biggest influences behind the tech startup world. How did you break into this industry and how are you shaping its growth?

That’s very nice, but I don’t think it’s true. There is so much innovation in the start up world, most of the biggest innovators and influencers are people behind the scenes who have a spark of an idea and make it happen. I don’t believe in failure, I take everything as a learning experience. Einstein once said, “I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious”; I live that every day. Almost 10 years ago I saw technology as where future business were going to be built. After over six years at Google, I became fascinated with the content that used or leveraged the technology. I like to say content is king, distribution is queen and she wears the pants!

4. What makes a good partner or ideal company to work with for video content?

Be it video or other creative ideas, I think it’s most important to have a partner who understands what you are trying to do and your voice. However, the best partners are the ones that will push you. Get you out of your zone of comfort and expand your ideas.

5. Let’s learn more about you – Where would we find you on the weekend? How are you influenced by design? Any favorite places around the city?

I’m with my family. We try to do something different each weekend, take a hike, go to a museum, play golf or tennis…  We’re still new to LA so we love exploring new areas, neighborhoods and restaurants. I love design, while not an expert in the field, space and design easily set my mood. I love open and green spaces and interplay of indoor and outdoor. Living in LA provides that.

We are excited to have Jonathan Perelman as this year’s guest speaker. Don’t miss out on his inspiring talk on September 18th, buy your tickets for Leaders Breakfast here!

Jaclyn Giuliano, Ind. IIDA, LEED Green Associate
Herman Miller

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