Haunt Couture Theme Revealed: BIG TOP, A World of Curiosity and Wonder


We think you’ve guessed it by now, folks! Our theme this year is in full effect: BIG TOP, A World of Curiosity and Wonder. Think mysterious, colorful, bold, dynamic, and most of all — think outside of the box! We can’t wait to see what the teams dream up! It’s going to be a great year.

Click here for more event information.

Design Firms: If you are interested in registering we’re almost full, so put together your team asap and email Dan Nickerson at [email protected], and reach out to your favorite vendors for sponsorship support!

Sponsors: Sponsor a design firm, or get involved with sponsoring the event. It’s a great opportunity for maximum visibility at the design community’s hottest event, click here for more info.

Deadline for team sponsorship is the night of the Big Reveal on Wednesday, August 26th! Make sure to get all of your details into the committee so you’re all set for the first big event of Haunt 2015.

Questions about Haunt 2015?  Contact Erica at [email protected] or Shannon at [email protected]

Alexis Chicoye

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