How to Celebrate Pride Month

Certainly it’s possible to find many ways to celebrate Pride Month! Whether just looking for something simple or hoping to go beyond into something extravagant, there’s all kinds of room for observing Pride Month. Take a look at some of these ideas to get those creative juices flowing: 

Join in on a Pride Month Celebration

Many people feel that Pride Month is the time to express themselves, so get a little bit wild, don some rainbow garb, and enjoy the celebration. Different communities all over the place will schedule events and gatherings throughout the month of June, including parades, demonstrations, rallys and more. 

Host an Event 

Maybe there are no organized events locally that seem attractive on a certain day, but that’s okay! Perhaps this is the right time to gather a few friends and organize an event in the area. Try hosting a block party with all sorts of activities, games, t-shirt decorating contests and, of course, food. Don’t forget to decorate the location with rainbow themed streamers, flags and balloons!

Get Educated About Pride Month

One important way to celebrate Pride Month is to learn more about this history of the LGBTQ+ movement. Take a look at these interesting facts that might be good reminders of how far the world has come in accepting everyone: 

  • The designer of the rainbow flag that represents the LGBTQ movement was Gilbert Baker, and the flag was first created in 1978. Seeing it as a symbol for anyone involved in Pride, he decided not to trademark the flag. 
  • Henry Gerber was the founder of the first gay rights organization in the United States, called “The Society of Human Rights”, in 1924. He was arrested in 1925 and the organization folded out of a lack of resources. 
  • Bill Clinton was the first sitting US President to recognize Pride Month. Prior to 1999, it was a grass-roots event that was not recognized by the US government. 
  • Originally used by Nazis to shame homosexual men in concentration camps, the Pink Triangle (with the point at the bottom) was reclaimed for LGBTQ Pride. 

Attend a Pride Month Memorial Service 

Many people use Pride Month as an opportunity to celebrate the lives of people whose lives were lost to HIV/AIDS or to hate crimes. These types of gatherings often take place at important monuments around the world, including: 

  • The Stonewall Inn/Gay Liberation Monument in Greenwich Village, New York City 
  • The Pink Triangle Monument in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial in Sydney, Australia
  • The Alan Turing Memorial, Manchester, England

Show Appreciation to Others

Whether you’re a person who lives an LGBTQ+ lifestyle, or you simply want to be supportive, this is a great time to be reminded to find people who love you for you and let them know how much it means. Send some cards or thank you notes to people who have been caring and make the most out of the time by building stronger relationships. 

Learn the History of Pride Month

This month is about confidence, and that is why this is the time to learn about the history of the LGBTQ+ community and be part of the celebration. Join the local LGBT community, buy tickets to the NYC Pride Month parade, or just share on social media while supporting the LGBT community.

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