IIDA Leaders Breakfast Sponsor: dTank

The interior design community has been an integral element of dTank’s work model since its start over a decade ago. As the first of its kind, the turnkey workspace furniture company has partnered with these designers in creating custom products that compliment the surrounding environment while seamlessly improving the workday patterns of their clients. Sponsoring the IIDA leadership breakfast, dTank continues to help designers and architects fully realize their vision through bespoke workspace furniture design and manufacture.

One of their recent LA-based projects was undertaken at Team One’s new 85,000 square foot headquarters location in Playa Vista. The ad agency’s move was initiated in order to provide a larger and more collaborative working environment between departments. As the company expands, the open space was necessary in retaining employees and recruiting new talent. Teaming with LA design firm Shubin + Donaldson, dTank managed the expectations of the fast-growing agency by replacing traditional cubicles and private offices in favor of an open plan environment with multiple workstation configurations.

Facilitating a more collaborative approach, this work system allowed varying degrees of privacy and openness in the notched design of the panels. The workstations were covered in dual-toned maple laminate to further establish the contrast in heights, configurations and opposing materials that filled the space.

Outside of their typical client base that encompasses the corporate, media and creative sectors, dTank has also been lending their expertise to lab and medical environments that require specific materials and specialized technology integration. Within the network of the architecture and interior design community, dTank has been able to gather a diverse client roster spanning a number of industries. Stemming from these partnerships, dTank has gained valuable insight into the evolving workplace dynamics each industry requires.

Anna Fuentes

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