IIDA Pacific Dental Services Unplugged

LPA team members Silva Situ and Terri Lee provided a tour of their recently completed project, Pacific Dental Services corporate headquarters in Irvine. The single level 82,000 square foot space was a former Rockwell Collins facility that came with its own set of challenges. LPA transformed a warehouse facility into a progressively designed “urban village” complete with interior neighborhoods connected by boulevards.

One of the largest challenges for the team was to incorporate natural light into the space. They incorporated new windows on the exterior and skylights and solar tubes wherever possible on the interior resulting in a light and welcoming work environment.

Walking through the space you will notice several inventive and interactive graphics that PDS and LPA completed with Hornel Anderson. Impressively, the entire CD set for this project, including a roof survey, was completed in four weeks! The renovation took 20 weeks with PDS acting as the general contractor.

Emily Iwanicki
Andreu World America

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